Taylor-Made Parent Protections

Taylor-Made Parent Protections

March 02, 2018

Parents across the country have been stunned by the story of a radical judge in Cincinnati, who decided to strip custody away from Christian parents because they didn't agree with their daughter's decision to switch genders. In a case that pit parents' rights against an agenda that some pediatricians call "child abuse," one Ohio leader is standing up for the states' moms and dads.

Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor was just as horrified as the rest of the nation, when Sylvia Hendon, a visiting juvenile court judge, ruled that a 17-year-old girl should be plucked from her home and placed with grandparents who want to give her "sex change" drugs. Now, as she applies for the state's top job, she wants Buckeyes to know that she's committed to ensuring that this injustice never happens again.

At an event earlier this week, Nathan Estuth, Taylor's running-mate, told the crowd that the duo is determined to create a "firewall in the state of Ohio... for parents to raise their kids with the values and education that they choose. "We will [pass a law that stops] government intervention into the rights of families and parents, wherever that fight will be." Soon, that will be more than talk. State Rep. Tom Brinkman (R) is close to introducing legislation that would protect concerned parents like these. He, too, spoke at Monday's rally, which was full of locals holding signs like "Hands off our kids!" and "Parents have rights too."

We applaud Taylor, Brinkman, and every state leader who's not only taking this threat seriously, but doing everything they can to stop it.

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