Distortion on Abortion at Planned Parenthood

Distortion on Abortion at Planned Parenthood

March 06, 2018

When Cecile Richards steps down from Planned Parenthood in May, she'll have presided over some of the most scandalous years in the organization's history. From criminal cover-ups and government fraud to the dark world of baby organ trafficking, Planned Parenthood is a case study in crisis PR.

Through it all, one of Richards's biggest successes has been her ability to keep the group's vise-like grip on hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Part of that is the result of the group's lucrative political alliances, but some of it is also the result of an organization-wide misinformation campaign. We've watched Planned Parenthood officials lie through their teeth on everything from her clinics' mammograms (they don't even have machines!) to the definition of life itself.

The media runs with her claims, despite the fact that most aren't even in the neighborhood of the truth -- including this whopper from last week. During a signing ceremony with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D), who reinstated Planned Parenthood's taxpayer funding, the president of the country's largest abortion business insisted that her organization had been cleared of all wrongdoing.

"As you probably know, there were congressional investigations that were politically motivated," she told reporters. "We've been acquitted of everything." Is that so? What about the FBI's ongoing investigation (which happened to be the result of that supposedly "politically-motivated" select panel? Members of the House and Senate found enough evidence to refer Planned Parenthood to the Justice Department. And the Justice Department took those reports seriously enough to act. That's to say nothing of the multi-state probes taking place for things like dumping baby bodies in landfills, refusing to report sexual abuse, and operating without a license.

In a world where killing is a day-to-day business, the truth must be a difficult thing for any abortion activist to face. But it's time for the justice system to expose it – even if Richards won't.

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