New Lows for Higher Ed: 'Christian Privilege' Workshops

New Lows for Higher Ed: 'Christian Privilege' Workshops

April 04, 2018

You can't earn a degree in religious intolerance, but George Washington University is more than happy to teach it. As part of its anti-faith indoctrination, members of the campus's "inclusion office" are offering a special seminar that would make the college's namesake gnash his wooden teeth -- "Christian Privilege: But Our Founding Fathers Were All Christian, Right?'

Tomorrow's workshop (which was scrubbed from the college's webpage when the uproar started), is an exercise in liberal fanaticism. Hosted by the "Multicultural Student Services Center" (which ought to tell you everything you need to know about the equity of said seminar), the session promises to explain how Christians receive "unmerited perks from institutions and systems all across our country." (I assume by "perks," they don't mean the systematic punishment, suspension, firing, threatening, and marginalization that men and women of faith are currently experiencing.)

"By the end of the session," the College Fix explains, "participants will be able to identify 'at least three examples of Christian privilege" and "at least three ways to be an ally with a non-Christian person.'" And, if students can't get enough of GW's prejudice, they can sign up for the entire privilege series: "heterosexual privilege," "cisgender privilege," "abled-bodied privilege," "socio-economic privilege," and "unconscious bias," to name a few.

To most people, the idea is outrageous on its face. Not only because the university is singling out Christians, but because GW has it all wrong. "NEWSFLASH," one conservative tweeted, "Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world!" "90,000 Christians were killed for their beliefs, worldwide, in 2016," another posted. "So, please, take your uninformed identity politics narrative, elsewhere."

Unfortunately, this is the logical conclusion of the hyphenation of America. The Left poured the concrete into the foundation of class warfare, and now, we're not just categories – we're subcategories. And the tragic side effect of this movement is that our shared identity and pride in being Americans is slipping away. Of course, that's by the Left's design. Divide, then conquer.

Courtney Kirchoff is no fool. She understands exactly what liberals are after.

All George Washington University's little lecture proves is Christians not only lack 'privilege' they're one of the only groups still readily mocked and persecuted without retaliation... Guess what religious groups aren't called out for lectures at GWU. I'll give you three tries, but you'll only need one. Our modern, liberal society hates Christianity, for all the morality it represents, and seeks its destruction. Simply picking on it, calling Christians "privileged" is but another round in their chamber to try to destroy us.

If there is hope for rebuilding the common ground that the Left is so desperately trying to take away from us, it is, ironically, in the very place liberals are focusing their attention: the church. Nowhere else will you find a more living, vibrant, diverse place than the community of Christ. Across racial, social, gender, and economic lines, there is no greater message of inclusion than the gospel. And, try as it might, even George Washington University can't change that.

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