Could you survive a year without electricity, food, or water?

Could you survive a year without electricity, food, or water?

May 11, 2018

What you don't know about the Pentagon's latest EMP analysis could hurt you. According to a newly declassified report on the electromagnetic threat, "Parts of the United States would be starved of electricity, water, food, internet service, and transportation for a year or longer by the smallest electromagnetic pulse attack on the electric grid." Nine out of 10 Americans would be dead within a year. Modern civilization, as we know it, would cease to exist.

Former EMP Commissioner Peter Pry joined me on "Washington Watch" last night to talk about "life without electricity" and how chaotic it would be on social order, communications, energy, medical needs, sanitation, and so much more. Some Americans may be tempted to roll their eyes at the threat, but that would be a mistake Pry explains. "President Trump's withdrawal from the bogus Iran nuclear deal, and his determination to denuclearize North Korea, are all the more important because even a single nuclear weapon possessed by these rogue states would pose an existential threat to North America by EMP attack."

How does all of this affect you? Find out in our conversation with Dr. Pry below.

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