Falling down To Build up A Nation

Falling down To Build up A Nation

June 12, 2018

Yesterday morning when I met with Vice President Mike Pence, prior to President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, he asked for the President to be covered in prayer. With just a few hours to work but knowing that there are Christians around this country who are eager to do their part, we launched an international prayer conference call. Prayer groups and various ministries were invited, and the response was so overwhelming that the call line was quickly at maximum capacity! I joined several prayer and ministry leaders who led the group of thousands in intercessory prayer for this historic and unprecedented global meeting. There was a spirit of unity and power as we prayed together. Capping off the night was a South Korean national prayer leader whose impassioned prayer for wisdom stirred our hearts. As the call ended, everyone was unmuted and voices from all over the world joined together in a harmony of prayer and praise.

We know the world is a dangerous place, but it’s also God’s world. God has given American Christians a unique opportunity to impact the world through the leadership he has given to America on the world stage. We know that political acumen or financial prosperity will never be enough to set us on the right path. Only in humility to God in prayer, acknowledging him as our true leader, can we begin to chart a right course for our country that will positively influence the world. On Sunday July 1 -- the Sunday before we celebrate our independence -- we can express our dependence upon the Lord in unity by participating in Call2Fall.

Call2Fall is a movement where believers across the country set aside a definite time during worship on July 1, 2018 to get on their knees and faces before the Lord in repentant prayer for God to reshape our lives and renew our land. It’s as simple as that – no fancy program needed. Find out how to join us and others across the country in prayer as we respond to the “Call2Fall” before the Lord.

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