This Sunday: A Call to All God's People

This Sunday: A Call to All God's People

June 28, 2018

The 10th Annual Call2Fall is just days away. Most Americans will celebrate our nation's political independence on the 4th of July. But before we fire up the grill and plan picnics and fireworks, churches across the land will take time to pray for America. This Sunday, July 1, thousands will take at least five minutes in their regular worship services, to spend time on their knees, seeking God's mercy and favor for our nation. Nothing is more important to America than our repentant prayers. God has given us the key to reversing both the moral decline and cultural divide in America. He will heal our land if we will meet his simple conditions, beginning with humble prayer (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Hear National Day of Prayer President, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, talk with me about how pastors can still take part in Call2Fall this Sunday. If your church can't make it happen on such short notice, gather your family or friends after church and take time to pray together on your knees for America. Learn more at and find resources to help with your Call2Fall. If you have time, read "The Story Behind Call2Fall" here.

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