It's Not Just An Event -- It's <em>The</em> Event

It's Not Just An Event -- It's The Event

October 31, 2018

Where will you be this Sunday? Hopefully, joining Americans across the country gathered to pray, vote, and stand! At a national simulcast, live from Woodland Park, Colorado, you'll hear from some of America's most influential Christians about what we can do to keep our country on the right track.

I'll be serving as the co-host of The Event 2018, along with Andrew Wommack, which will feature some familiar faces: Governor Mike Huckabee, E.W. Jackson, Michael Farris, Kristan Hawkins, and more. Can 90 minutes change America? Sign up and find out! For a sneak peek, check out the promo video below. Also, for resources, bulletin inserts, and promotional fliers, check out the website at

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