An Eventful Sunday! Live from Colorado...

An Eventful Sunday! Live from Colorado...

November 05, 2018

If Christians are as fired up as the packed house at last night's simulcast in Woodland Park, Colorado, then this election might shatter everyone's expectations. Along with Andrew Wommack, I had the opportunity to co-host "The Event" on Sunday night at Charis Bible College, and the response was absolutely overwhelming. We were there, as many of you who tuned in know, to challenge voters to pray, vote, and stand for a strong America. And based on the response last night, a lot of you have already gotten a good head start.

Together with Governor Mike Huckabee, Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins, ADF, Mike Farris, E.W. Jackson, and many more, we made the closing argument before Tuesday's election that voting is not just a right -- it's a responsibility.

"Where I come from in South Arkansas," Mike told the crowd, "we used to say if you didn't get the cemetery vote, you couldn't win. One of the reasons I believe in the Resurrection is that we'd see dead people vote every year. But the only thing worse than having dead people regularly vote is we have living people who fail to vote. There's something wrong when we just say, 'It doesn't matter.' You see, it does matter. And for those who say, 'What does this have to do with me being a Christian? ...God expects for you to participate -- obviously, in the kingdom... but you're not excused from this life. If you were, the moment you trusted Christ, off you'd go to heaven. Why has He left us here? He left us to be the salt and the light...

"... Jesus never ever expected that righteousness would come from the civil government. He never expected that the culture would be mostly influenced by the politicians. Today, I don't believe God is looking at New York, Hollywood, or Washington as the centerpiece for the awakening and revival that we desperately need in this country. I think he's looking at Christians in the churches. And he's saying, 'They're not the salt -- you are! Be the salt!' But how can you be the salt if you don't vote, if you don't pray, or if you don't stand?"

I encourage you to take the time to listen Governor Huckabee -- and all of the powerful speakers -- about what can change in this country if Christians had the courage to be the salt Jesus called us to be.

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