A Biggs Day for Jerusalem

A Biggs Day for Jerusalem

December 06, 2018

This time of year, most people's focus is on Bethlehem. But thanks to President Trump, the attention is also on Jerusalem, where one year ago, the United States moved its embassy after more than 20 years of promises. In the Republican Congress, that calls for a celebration -- and Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) is doing his best to oblige.

Together with 42 co-sponsors, Congressman Biggs introduced a House resolution marking the first anniversary of the president's official recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel. As "one of the United States' most enduring allies," Biggs pointed out that "President Trump kept a significant promise by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and announcing his intention to move our embassy to Jerusalem. That embassy was opened in Jerusalem earlier this year. These milestones signify our commitment to our ally. I thank my many colleagues who joined me in this resolution."

It was a "monumental" decision, Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) explained, "not because he is the first president to promise this move, but because he is the only president who made good on that promise. I have supported moving the embassy since my start in Congress and am proud to have seen it come to fruition." Too many leaders, House members pointed out were too afraid to make good on their word. Not Donald Trump.

"Anti-Semitism and terrorist threats must never deter us from standing up for our principles," Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) insisted, "including a free and independent Israel with Jerusalem as its capital. In fact, standing up for our principles and supporting our allies is essential to creating peace and stability in the region."

Now, a year into one of President Trump's most consequential foreign policy decisions, maybe more nations will follow suit. Israel has the right to choose its own capital, and we're thankful this administration was bold enough to recognize it.

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