Tennessee's Titans of Abortion Leave Nashville

Tennessee's Titans of Abortion Leave Nashville

December 12, 2018

The city of Nashville knows how to live -- and thanks to the latest news, it knows how to let live. As most Americans will tell you, there's plenty to love about Music City. But after last week, the best thing might just be the fact that there isn't a single abortion clinic around.

After years of being the state's largest, the deadly side of the Nashville Planned Parenthood closed on Friday when it couldn't find a doctor willing to work there. Maybe the group's shady reputation is catching up with it or maybe there just aren't enough abortionists to fill the job, but either way, it's a development worth celebrating! According to WVLT News, Planned Parenthood's local spokeswoman, Tereva Parham, said the group hasn't given up on finding someone, but for now, their waiting rooms will stay empty.

That's a major blow to the culture of death in Tennessee, where just six abortion businesses remain. The seventh, also in Nashville, closed earlier this year. Together, LifeNews points out, they accounted for 20 percent of the states' abortions -- a whopping 1,927 in 2016 alone.

Micaiah Bilger had a chance to talk to Tennessee Right to Life President Brian Harris who says that his group's phones have been ringing off the hook from women looking for abortion referrals. That alone, he points out, has given them more opportunities than ever to encourage moms to visit their local pregnancy care centers. His staff, he told Bilger, is "busier than they've ever been." That's great news for future Tennesseans, who will have a better chance at life without a Planned Parenthood on every corner!

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