Saying Goodbye to a North Carolina Friend

Saying Goodbye to a North Carolina Friend

February 11, 2019

He started out as a Democrat, but Congressman Walter Jones will be remembered as a committed conservative. Twenty-four years into his career, the longtime representative passed away this past weekend on his 76th birthday after a long battle with illness. For the Joneses, serving in the House was a family business. His father held the same seat for almost as many years. Today, people in his North Carolina district are grateful for the gentle and committed legacy both men left behind.

To those of us at FRC, who worked with Jones on issues like life, marriage, prayer, and religious freedom, he will be missed. One of the things we appreciated about Rep. Jones, apart from his 92 percent voting record on our scorecard, was his kind spirit -- and his determination to end the Johnson amendment. It's only fitting that he lived long enough to see a president fight to do the same.

House Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows, a good friend and fellow North Carolinian, said that Jones was "a beloved colleague and friend who had a profound impact on all through his graciousness, character, and committed Christian faith." We join all of Congress in celebrating the life and leadership of Congressman Jones and extend our deepest condolences to his family and staff, who knew him as we did -- as a man of principle.

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