The Pronouns That Can Slow Down Foster Homes

The Pronouns That Can Slow Down Foster Homes

March 13, 2019

If you’re wondering what America would look like under House Democrats, try California. The west coast state is an extremists’ dream on abortion, sexuality, gender, and secularism. It’s a place where kids might not only be carrying around student IDs with Planned Parenthood’s number on the back, but Christians could be blacklisted from fostering kids.

That’s the Left’s newest idea for punishing common sense in California. As if letting sixth graders get hormone treatments without their parents’ okay isn’t bad enough, now state legislators want the foster system to encourage more gender-free nonsense. Under a bill just introduced in the state house, foster parents would have to encourage this confusion by only using the names and pronouns these children want.

Assemblyman Mike Gibson (D) thinks the plan will attract more foster parents – an idea conservatives called ridiculous. If anything, it boxes Christians and conservatives out of the foster system – at a time when the state desperately needs them. “Forcing Christian foster parents to refer to their foster children as the wrong gender is forcing them to affirm what they believe is a lie. And not only a lie,” the California Family Council’s Greg Burt told reporters, “but harmful to the child.”

It puts parents in an impossible position, CFC President Jonathan Keller argued. “Either they will violate this law by remaining faithful to their biblical beliefs about the biological/binary nature of gender, or they’ll violate their faith by affirming the confused gender feelings of their foster care children. Why would the state want to push Christian foster parents out of the system when [they’re] already in short supply?”

It’s simple, really. They don’t want Christians – or parents -- involved. The Left is desperate to keep children locked in this fantasy world, where morality, truth, and science don’t exist. That’s why California wanted to make it a crime to counsel people struggling with their sexuality. The far-Left wants to “make sure the gender-dysphoric people they claim to be ‘helping’ have no way out, even if that’s what they desperately want,” Walt Heyer explains. Admitting that change is possible would undermine the whole linchpin of the LGBT argument: that being gay or transgender isn’t a choice.

Reinforcing this ideology with kids – and ordering adults to play along -- is about the LGBT movement’s survival. They don’t care if the American College of Pediatricians calls it “child abuse.” Or that men and women who’ve been trapped in these lifestyles are hurting and suicidal. It doesn’t bother them that the underlying issues are going untreated. They care about their agenda. And just like the women they nudge into abortions without a thought to the pain or consequences, they’ll do anything to protect it. It’s not about tolerance -- it’s about manipulation.

Parents are the last and final hope for so many of America’s children. The health care community, education system, and business world are all bullying moms and dads into accepting a lie that devastates kids. They’re losing their rights, custody battles, medical authority, and any say over what their sons and daughters are learning at school. Parents, you need to be equipped and ready to fight back. Part of that means being involved on the local level – in school board meetings, curriculum reviews, and state politics. The other piece is understanding what Congress is doing that affects your values on gender.

On Tuesday morning, FRC’s Government Affairs team spent a couple of hours briefing Hill leaders about the threat of the transgender agenda to our freedom, our health, our schools, and our privacy. Make sure you take the time to understand the truth of what you’re up against. Check out some of the materials we gave to legislators, including “A Parent’s Guide to the Transgender Movement in Education,” “50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides, and “Regret Isn’t Rare.”

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