Equality Control: Dems Throw Weight behind Radical Bill

Equality Control: Dems Throw Weight behind Radical Bill

April 02, 2019

It wasn't enough that House Democrats put the transgender pride flag outside their offices -- now they're trying to plant one in U.S. law too. If you like the idea of your daughter changing in front of a teenage boy, financing your employees' sex changes, abolishing girls' sports, and getting fired for using the wrong pronoun, then boy, does Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have the bill for you. Liberals call it the Equality Act, but as today's hearing made quite clear, the only equal thing about it is how much damage it does to every facet of American life.

Weeks before Nancy Pelosi won back the gavel last year, she was pretty up front about the dangers of her agenda. "If there is some collateral damage for some others... well, so be it..." Americans started to understand what "collateral damage" meant back in February with the Born-Alive debate. Now, they're getting a glimpse of the next wave of victims, thanks to the most sweeping piece of LGBT propaganda ever considered. Women, faith, businesses, privacy, education, athletics, and health care – they're all on notice: If the Equality Act passes, no one who thinks practically on gender and sexuality is safe.

Of course, Democrats will insist this is about ending discrimination, when it's really about punishing anyone who disagrees with their fanatical LGBT agenda. For liberals like Pelosi, this is the ultimate prize after years of feigning concern for things like freedom and conscience. Once the Left gets its hands on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the nine other laws this bill would rewrite, gender identity and sexual orientation will be the most protected classes in America. Gone would be the centuries of religious liberty, open debate, and free speech. As far as the Left is concerned, those are just the price of "tolerance."

At the Democrats' first hearing on the bill this morning, Republicans ripped apart the Left's arguments that safety and privacy are acceptable sacrifices for their "greater good." Ranking member Doug Collins (R-Ga.) warned leaders,

"Don't ignore the costs here -- because they're steep. H.R. 5 erases civil rights protections for biological women and sets the stage for children to fall victim -- in permanent, unprecedented ways -- to the confusion that often characterizes adolescence. If Democrats are determined to move this legislation forward, they must acknowledge it automatically privileges the rights of biological men over the rights of biological women. This bill will cause suffering that is far-reaching and, in many cases, enduring."

He talked about the dangers of flinging open every American bathroom, shower, locker and changing room to men "putting [girls] once again at the mercy of any biological man who identifies, at any moment, as a woman." Think about the doctors who would be forced to prescribe hormones or perform major surgeries on adolescents -- against their best judgment or moral beliefs. Or the parents, who've "watched their children deteriorate physically and emotionally as they transition away from their biological sex," he pleaded. They are "begging Congress to listen."

Unfortunately, the Democrats' star witnesses have no interest in reality – or the consequences of ignoring it. The GOP's concerns are just "technicalities," Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) insisted. Others tried to argue – unsuccessfully -- that nothing about this proposal would harm the safety and privacy of girls. That's interesting, since there's a string of lawsuits from Pennsylvania to Illinois from teenage victims of policies just like this one. Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.), who represents a state where two students are suing their districts, brushed off the long list of documented locker and bathroom incidents as "phantom fearmongering." Tell that to the parents in Palatine, whose daughters are wearing their gym clothes under their regular outfits out of fear. Or the moms in Honesdale, whose girls came home crying after a boy watched them undress. And they call themselves the party of women?

Even feminists agree: the Equality Act would "demolish the would the hard-won rights of women" just by ignoring the scientific differences of the sexes. And for what? The .6 percent. Julia Beck, who identifies as a lesbian, pointed out that she was kicked off the LGBTQ commission just for using the male pronouns of a male transgender rapist. Businesses would be subject to the same rules. Imagine not being able to set dress or grooming standards for your employees – or being fined for designating separate private spaces for men and women. No one is exempt – not private schools, nonprofits, or even religiously-incorporated companies.

Democrats like to say that everyone wins under H.R. 5. Not true, warns Collins. "There will be many losers because H.R. 5 bows to political expedience that silences calls for fairness, flouts science and has no compassion for the women and children it marginalizes."

For more on the landmines of the Equality Act, check out Peter Sprigg's paper, "Why Sexual Orientation and Gender Should Not Be Protected Classes under the Law."

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