Senators Raleigh around Life

Senators Raleigh around Life

May 01, 2019

One vote. In North Carolina, it wasn't just the difference between winning and losing. It was the difference between looking at a baby and seeing a life. And while Governor Roy Cooper (D) seems incapable of that, thank goodness not everyone in his party thinks likewise.

Outside the state capitol, the debate isn't even close. Americans of every color, age, gender, and party agree: leaving a newborn alone to die isn't just a crime -- it's a betrayal of who we are as a country. "Pro-choicers" agree. Democrats agree. Young people -- old people, men and women -- they all understand that every child is worth saving. Inside the Raleigh state senate, unfortunately, things are different. Only a single Democrat -- Senator Don Davis -- had the courage to stand up to his party, to the governor, and to the radicals driving this debate and say, "Enough."

Without Senator Davis, North Carolina's Born-Alive bill would be dead -- a fate it would have passed on to generations of helpless survivors. Instead, there's hope. If the veto override could survive in the Senate, maybe there will be more leaders like Davis fed up with their party enough to push it over the finish line in the House. In a state that lost some GOP seats in the midterm election, it will take every Republican and seven Democrats to hit the magic three-fifths majority to stop infanticide in the Tarheel state. Senator Joyce Krawiec (R) could only shake her head at the fact they even needed to have an override vote. "It's a sad day," she said, "when we have to come back here because we have a governor who decided making a political statement was more important than protecting living newborn babies."

House Republicans are doing everything they can to give the override a shot, especially since they have time to lay the groundwork for success. "When the bill passed the House on April 16 by a 65-46 margin," CBS 17 explains, "four Democrats voted for the bill (James Gailliard, Charles Graham, Garland Pierce, Raymond Smith)." North Carolinians will need all of them to hold the line -- and a handful more.

Testimonies like state Rep. Pat McElraft's (R) ought to help. When she was working in the medical field, she talks about one horrible day when she walked down to the lab. "I was on a break and went in to visit with the pathologist in the pathology lab and I asked him, I said, 'What are all these little pigs doing in these buckets?' He told me, 'Pat, look again,' and I did. They were perfectly formed little human babies in those buckets," she said, getting emotional. Looking straight at the other aisle where Democrats had been arguing the problem is "non-existent," she told them about a doctor at the hospital who would drown newborns who survived abortion. "It happens here," she insisted.

Meanwhile, up in Wisconsin, infanticide fanatic Governor Tony Evers (D) seems to be suffering from the same delusions as Roy Cooper. His extremism on the issue has turned into outright anger, prompting an unglued Evers to launch into profane tirade against President Trump -- and the other 82 percent of Americans who don't think killing infants on a hospital table is a "personal choice." At the Milwaukee Press Club, Evers was so incensed at the president's anti-infanticide comments that he unleashed in front of a room full of reporters.

"To say that doctors in the state of Wisconsin are executing babies is just blasphemy. It doesn't happen... That is just a horrific thing to say," he started. Then, getting angrier and angrier, he told Republicans that if they were "so [bleep] interested in making sure moms and babies are well, they should really get behind my Medicaid expansion bill. The president is the president," he fumed. "He's going to do this kind of crap as long as he is president."

"This kind of crap" as in saving innocent lives? Liberals may be beholden to their bankrollers in the abortion lobby, but there's something deeply disturbing about their vehement response to something so basically human as protecting our own. They're either wildly cheering this child sacrifice or they're almost deranged at the thought of stopping it.

As for "blasphemy," Evers used to be the Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction. Surely, he knows the meaning of the word? If he does, then voters have more cause for concern than ever. Webster's defines "blasphemy" as "impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things." So either Evers thinks abortion is god -- or he believes it's sacred. Either way, it wouldn't be the first time a Democrat has tried to call the slaughter of innocent children holy. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was adamant about abortion being "sacred ground" in 2013.

Sacred to whom? The innocent children who never have a chance at life? Or maybe the women, who experience the trauma, guilt, and regret years after the procedure's over? If this infanticide debate has taught us anything, it's that nothing's sacred to extremists. Not even life.

If you're tired of the far-Left fanaticism, make your voice heard! Join our End Birth Day Abortion campaign and send a message to House Democrats that every child is worth saving.

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