Paving the Way for America's Spiritual Future

Paving the Way for America's Spiritual Future

May 06, 2019

Your donations and partnership are paving the way for America's spiritual future through our work at Family Research Council. Like the early pioneers and settlers who laid the foundation for the America we love, your partnership with us in our mission-driven work is creating an impact.

Recently, we had several partners come to Washington, D.C. on our Christian Heritage Tour and Summit. It was refreshing to be reminded of our inspired foundation upon which our nation was birthed and thrived. Here are what a couple of the attendees had to say:

"This trip was an absolute blessing and a reminder of how blessed we are to live in this great nation! We also had a time of prayer for our nation and a time of worship on Sunday with a great message by Tony Perkins. I left the summit with a new perspective on Washington and a commitment to take hold of opportunities to serve and rebuild the spiritual walls around our great nation! Thank you, Family Research Council."


"We now sense the LORD'S calling to again 'pick up the banner', intercede even more, and come back and forth from Washington more often, to pray for this 'Turning of America' to be rooted deeply in our nation again... On this Tour, we both felt a coming together of our past experiences and passions for America, with the going forward movement that is taking place under the outreach of FRC...This week, our desire to be more directly involved, was stirred by the LORD! He is about a very powerful work in the lives of us all. We are expecting the next Great Awakening! We cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us, but especially for all that you are doing to make FRC and the 'Turning of America' possible."


"Thank you for a wonderful weekend and all the good work that FRC does as you lead this nation back to Faith, Family, and Freedom."


We are thankful for our partners who believe in a biblically-grounded America which honors God and His Word. As our fiscal year wraps up on June 30th, will you join us in our work to continue the work of advancing faith, family, and freedom in our nation?

Misdirected by the media and mislead by some in education, a growing number of Americans no longer hold these values as foundational truths. But we do! And together, we can rebuild what has been torn down, re-establish what has been tuned out, and reignite what has been turned off. Your donation today will help us finish this fiscal year strong and move into the new year with great confidence, knowing that people of faith are standing strong for the biblical values upon which our great country was established. Thank you for your partnership.

Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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