Amazon Books: A New Chapter in Censorship?

Amazon Books: A New Chapter in Censorship?

July 09, 2019

If Amazon wants to sell books, maybe it ought to stop banning them! The company, which doesn't mind profiting from pornography, apparently does mind offering help for sexual confusion. After pressure from a single LGBT activist, the mega-retailer has decided to pull a series of titles from authors who once identified as gay. Now, a growing chorus of Americans is pressuring Amazon to stop the censorship.

"These books have been life-saving instruments to some who have been struggling to find hope," Ethan Martin, who used to live as a gay man, told LifeSiteNews. "In taking these resources away, Amazon has not only become hypocritical to its own values, they've attempted to silence a smaller minority of the population [who have] left the LGBT lifestyle."

Making matters worse, Amazon banned the books from their catalogue when the person complaining admitted he'd never read them! FRC's Peter Sprigg, who joined "Washington Watch" on Monday to talk about the controversy, said he couldn't believe a company as massive as Amazon would take a single activist's word for it.

"It's interesting that the LGBT movement wields such power as that they are able to persuade a huge corporation -- in fact, one single activist is able to persuade a huge corporation -- to remove a whole set of books. I'm pretty certain that nobody at Amazon has cracked the cover of any of these books to see what's inside. I doubt that Roho Allen himself has ever looked at any of these books to see what's inside. And you might be surprised if he did because, the content is not the kind of extreme material that LGBT activists always associate with what they call 'conversion therapy.'"

Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are leaning on Amazon to reverse the decision, signing a petition on to end "a smear campaign" that tries to erase an entire community. "For every major issue," the text reads, "there are two sides to each story. For one side to be bulled and censored on every platform is counter to the values we have long held in common on Amazon."

Of course, the Left has been on the warpath for years to keep people from experiencing the freedom this kind of advice and counseling can offer. They say it doesn't work. But if it didn't work -- transforming lives and bringing others out of bondage -- extremists wouldn't bother. They know what so many courageous men and women do: change is possible.

As Peter explains, "The fact is, there have been a number of publications [and] peer-reviewed scientific studies that have shown that this therapy can be effective. So anytime you hear an LGBT activist say there's no research showing it works, that's a lie. There is research showing it works, and you can find it on the FRC website..."

If that doesn't persuade people, maybe the powerful testimonies of men and women who've left the lifestyle will. On the site, dozens explained how these books have helped them find their true identities and walk away from years of pain and suffering they spent living a lie.

"We who have come out of the lesbian, gay, or transgender lifestyle found the serenity and satisfaction we had desired all our lives," Walt Heyer says gratefully. "Our lives are proof of the effectiveness of therapy for some individuals, regardless of what the detractors do to disparage or ban it... If some persons have a deep desire to rid themselves of same-sex attractions, shouldn't they be allowed to try?"

Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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