Ending Abortion: The Sooners, The Better

Ending Abortion: The Sooners, The Better

July 15, 2019

Here's a headline you don't see every day: "Judge Lets Abortion Ban Stand." Fortunately for pro-lifers, Friday's news was full of hope for the unborn from the unlikeliest of places. First, the Ninth Circuit dealt a huge blow to Planned Parenthood by letting the president's family planning rule go into effect. Then, in the same 24 hours, an Oklahoma judge stunned the country by stepping aside and letting lawmakers do their job on life.

For four years, the Sooners have been trying to outlaw one of the most barbaric forms of abortion. And they had the state's support, all the way to former Governor Mary Fallin's desk. But after she signed the bill, the law never went into effect. It was the subject of another fierce legal challenge from the Left that wasted four years -- and who knows how many lives. Now, thanks to Oklahoma County District Judge Cindy Truong, the 2015 measure will finally go into effect -- "upending a nationwide trend," the Washington Times points out, in the process.

Attorney General Mike Hunter, like most Oklahomans, was thrilled with the decision. "Dismemberment abortions are [savage], brutal, and subject unborn children to more cruelty that we allow for death row inmates," he said. "It is unconscionable to think that we would allow this practice to continue." He's right. The dilation and evacuation abortion is the stuff of nightmares. The unborn baby is (if she's lucky) lethally injected before being cut apart and removed piece by piece from her mother. It's the kind of unimaginable torture we wouldn't allow for pets -- let alone humans. But it's also one of the most common second trimester abortions there is, making up 95 percent of the procedures after 12 weeks.

Groups like Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights have spent millions of dollars fighting to keep this shudder-inducing procedure afloat. Now, with Judge Truong, pro-lifers have the first-ever victory on this kind of common-sense law. We congratulate the state's pro-life leaders on making history -- and pray it's just the beginning!

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