In Gender Debate, More Groom and Doom

In Gender Debate, More Groom and Doom

July 22, 2019

It used to be called indecent exposure. Now, thanks to the transgender movement, it's called something else -- tolerance. From bathrooms to beauty salons, the story is all the same. Biological men who want access to women's services and spaces. And biological women who want the freedom to say, "No."

In British Columbia, where the fallout from the gender identity wars are in full swing, not much has been made about a high-profile case that spells out the disaster of ignoring biology. When Jessica Yaniv walked into the spa, Marcia Da Silva was not prepared for his request. The man, who identifies as a woman, asked for a Brazilian wax -- a treatment reserved for women. Taken aback, Marcia said she was uncomfortable carrying out the treatment on a person with male genitalia -- a) because she didn't want to provide an intimate service for a biological man, and b) because she didn't have the training for it.

So, Yaniv filed a complaint with British Columbia's Human Rights Tribunal -- along with complaints against 15 other specialists who also didn't want to be alone with a "strange, naked man." Beyond that, one feminist publication points out, there are safety issues for the estheticians -- "particularly for women working alone out of their homes."

Still, Yaniv compared Marcia to a "neo-Nazi," who was denying him a valuable service. "We live in a different day and age now," he testified. Da Silva fired back that she "has no problem with LGBT" but argued that she shouldn't have to perform a personal service like this against her will.

And absolutely every sane person on earth would agree. This kind of sexual harassment is exactly what galvanized the global #MeToo movement. In this fantasy world of gender, where is a real woman's right to have boundaries, privacy, or freedom from coercion? This is an anything-goes agenda that's crushing conscience and flinging open the door to real sexual violence and predation. It's the same in the bathroom debate. And as we explain then -- our concern over safety isn't with people who identify as transgender. The concern is with others who will exploit the laws to hurt women.

Meghan Murphy, in the Feminist Current, warns about where this ideology is leading.

"We are at a place where we are not only allowing men to dictate what a woman is, but to destroy hard fought for rights won by feminists, very quickly, without any public debate. We are putting women and girls in danger in order to avoid offending the feelings of a tiny minority of people. Again, without a public debate. We are allowing women to be fired, threatened, harassed, smeared, silenced, intimidated, ostracized, and even beaten in order to accommodate the feelings of men. And I refuse to accept or repeat lies under threat -- especially lies that are clearly harmful. We can support people's rights and dignity and provide them with the services they need without lying and without throwing women under the bus."

Meanwhile, girls like track runner Selena Soule just want a fair shot. But that's virtually impossible now, she says, in an unlevel playing field. In her complaint to the Department of Education, she argues that women's sports can't compete in an age when biological men can line up and take her trophies and scholarships. In Connecticut, where she competes, the reality is particularly harsh. The competition board allows boys to race against girls, even without undergoing any sort of hormone therapy.

"I don't know of a woman athlete who doesn't want trans girls to be treated fairly," insisted Donna Lopiano, who used to lead the Women's Sports Foundation. "But the cost of treating her fairly should not come at the cost of discriminating against a biologically-female-at birth woman."

Just as the cost of treating Jessica Yaniv shouldn't come at the expense of a real woman's safety. That's a lot of things -- but "fair" isn't one of them.

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