Liberal Politics a Risky Business for CEOs

Liberal Politics a Risky Business for CEOs

July 23, 2019

It isn't news that Americans have major trust issues with the media. What is news is that Big Business isn't far behind. In the latest survey on people's confidence in institutions, corporate leaders took one of the deepest hits. And after a decade of pushing one-sided politics, it's not difficult to see why.

For once, Congress and the media finally have company in the doghouse. For another straight year, corporate CEOs are near the basement of American opinion. While the military still enjoys a "great deal" or "fair amount" of confidence from 83 percent of U.S. adults, the public's trust in elected officials and company leaders is tanking. Sixty-three percent have "little confidence" in politicians, and a surprising 56 percent take a "similarly skeptical view of business." In fact, Americans' faith in the corporate world is so low that even journalists rate higher!

At Pew Research, the polling dates back to the 1950s -- an era when CEOs were too busy selling products to bother with politics. Now, more than a half-century later, the market has shifted and suddenly the liberal activists at the helm of Amazon, Google, Nike, Netflix, and others are starting to rub consumers the wrong way. We're living in an age when chains like &Pizza aren't asking about your order -- but ordering states to fight against pro-life policies. Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which rarely waded into radical social policies, stunned everyone this year by endorsing the most extreme piece of LGBT legislation in history. Is it any wonder that Americans are increasingly fed up with Big Business? Haven't we all had enough of Left-leaning institutions trying to divide the country with their social agendas?

Of course, the irony is that these CEOs are arguing that conservative policies like privacy laws or abortion limits are bad for business -- when in reality, they're bad for their business. There's a reason Netflix suffered a historic loss of subscribers in the last quarter. It threatened to cripple Georgia's film industry if the state didn't bend its knee and betray their pro-life convictions.

Americans are watching Big Business use its influence to push a radical, anti-faith, anti-family agenda. And they're realizing: the products and services we purchase provide the profits they need to attack our values. I am certain there are hardworking CEOs in the heartland who just want to run their businesses and stay out of the political fray. Others have told me, confidentially, just how toxically liberal the major corporations have become. They tell me how radical activists with hidden agendas have cropped up in their own Human Resources departments. Executives are being forced to act out of a fear of protests or even legal consequences rather than doing what's best for their companies.

Powerful businesses aren't focused on rolling back prices, because they're too busy rolling back our values. And it's time we became educated consumers who make simple choices that matter. Two longtime allies of FRC, 2nd Vote and The Timothy Plan, offer up-to-date research on this front. But make sure that when you stop doing business with companies that attack your values, send a letter telling them so. I've heard from people at the highest levels of these companies that letters like that speak powerfully to them. Don't let your money be used against you. Get informed today!

Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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