Google's Firing Squad Sacks Conservative

Google's Firing Squad Sacks Conservative

August 02, 2019

Being a conservative won't just get you censored at Google, it'll get you fired. Just ask Kevin Cernekee. Unlike a lot of employees, he wasn't afraid to challenge the company's liberal culture. And after three years, it cost him his job.

After wrangling with human resources and other leaders inside Google, Kevin's termination didn't exactly come as a surprise. The reasons the tech giant gave him, however, were. The Wall Street Journal sat down with Kevin, who explained publicly -- for the first time -- that he was wrongly fired.

"Google told Mr. Cernekee in a termination letter that he was let go for multiple violations of company policies, including improperly downloading company information and misuse of the remote-access software system. Mr. Cernekee, who hasn't spoken publicly before about his status at Google, denies that. He says he was fired for being an outspoken conservative in famously liberal Silicon Valley."

"Historically, there's been a lot of bullying at Google," Kevin explained. "There's a big political angle, and they treat the two sides very differently." When the Journal contacted headquarters for a response, reporters got the same old line -- that Google treats everyone fairly. "We enforce our workplace policies without regard to political viewpoint," Jenn Kaiser insisted. Of course, users were told the same thing -- only to learn that Google was privately scheming to marginalize certain voices and use their technology to hurt Donald Trump's reelection chances.

And it's not like the anti-conservative bias is lessening. Just this week, Apple News kicked LifeSiteNews off its platform for its supposed "intolerance" toward certain people. Thursday on "Washington Watch," Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen says it all adds up to a lot of widespread mistrust of Big Tech.

"The weird part is... I don't know what kind of intolerance towards specific groups [they mean] -- unless it's Tim Cook's definition of conservatives that he wants to kick off. He said a little while ago that he was not opposed to removing people, for instance, who are not on his side of the environmental debate from his platform. And maybe he's now targeting all conservatives... Americans need to stand up now -- or [lose] their free speech."

Once it's gone, it'll be too late. Stand with LifeSiteNews and others who've been targeted by these online monopolies. Sign the petition to have Westen's organization reinstated on Apple!

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