Saudi Oil Hit Puts Energy in Crude Focus

Saudi Oil Hit Puts Energy in Crude Focus

September 17, 2019

It wasn’t an attack on our soil, but Americans are most likely going to feel the impact. While intelligence officials sift through the clues to find exactly who was behind the drone and/or missile strike in Saudi Arabia, Americans are going to discover why conservatives have been pushing for energy independence from foreign oil by increasing U.S. domestic production.

Secretary Rick Perry was on CNBC Monday, blasting liberals like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) for blocking the construction of pipelines from Pennsylvania to New England when it’s more obvious than ever that American needs its own gas supply. “Their governor and their legislature think that that’s good politics,” Perry said. “Well, it may be good politics internally in New York, but it’s bad national security.”

With AAA warning that drivers are about to pay for the attack at the pump, conservatives like Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) think now is as good a time as ever to cut ties from foreign energy sources. Because even though Saudi Arabia was in the crosshairs, this was a strike at the U.S. And Americans need to be prepared. “This is a proxy war being played out,” Ted told me on Monday’s “Washington Watch.” “I think the world is going to see more of these until Iran changes their mindset.”

Like a lot of Republicans, he puts some of the blame for the attacks at the feet of Barack Obama, who freed up billions of dollars for the ayatollahs under the dangerous deal with Tehran. Now, thanks to the money they’re able to spend on cheap technology, the Iranians are able to work against us, Congressman Yoho warns. “So this is going to be a long, drawn-out thing, unfortunately. But let’s hope people [start focusing] on our people and our economies… because this shows some very significant vulnerabilities in the world’s energy distribution system. [Look at how they’ve] disrupt[ed] the world’s oil market… This is why America’s energy independence has to be achieved.”

President Trump, as he pointed out has done a tremendous job. Democrats have tried to stop him – to roll back that progress. But, as Yoho agrees, this shouldn’t even be a partisan issue. Freeing America from the reliance on other countries’ resources makes our country stronger and more independent. “If anything,” Ted pointed out, we should be exporting more oil so that when there’s a hiccup in the Middle East, it’s not felt by the rest of the world and they can rely on American energy [from] a trusted ally and partner that’s not going to play these kinds of games.”

The last thing Americans need is to find ourselves in a vulnerable situation that sends ripples through the markets. But once again, this domestic policy of energy independence is something that’s facing fierce opposition from Democrats – and it’s yet another thing that’s at stake in next year’s elections. For now, Rep. Yoho, like so many of us, is just happy “President Trump is there and not Hillary Clinton.”

“Donald Trump means what he says. He’s letting people know, ‘You are on notice…’ And in the chaotic world we have today – with what China is doing, and North Korea, and all of these other countries -- people need to have a clear understanding of what this president will do.”

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