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No-Fly for Life: Illinois Rep. Proposes Radical Travel Ban

Apparently, it's not enough that Illinois passed one of the most shocking abortion laws in America. Now, they want to punish states who don't.

State Representative Daniel Didech says it's not a "boycott," per se, but his bill outlawing travel to pro-life states could have fooled us. The idea behind his H.B. 3901 is to put the hurt on places like Alabama, Georgia, and other states where leaders listened to voters and took great strides to protect the unborn. Now, in retribution, Didech thinks Illinois employees should either be outlawed from going to those states on business -- or forced to pay for it out of their own pockets.

"The purpose of the bill is to protect women who may not be able to get the health care they may need when they're traveling on official state business," he argues. "What these other states are doing is, to me, very dangerous. To a large extent, yes, abortion is a big part of it, but it's not entirely about abortion," Didech told reporters. "As a member of the legislature, I have the responsibility to protect our state employees." Protect them how, people want to know? Didech fired back that this wasn't about promoting abortion but protecting women. In one of the most absurd explanations ever for one of these liberal travel bans, the Buffalo Grove politician argues that a pregnant Illinois employee might miscarry in a pro-life state and not have access to health care!

Of course, that's absolutely ridiculous, because unlike Illinois, these states actually ensure that mothers have the cutting-edge care they need -- unlike the Land of Lincoln, where women are subjected to chop-shop abortions because the state doesn't want to regulate them. Still, Didech claimed, a female worker might miscarry during travel and she "could get tangled [in an investigation] that's outside her control."

Since when do pro-life states investigate a woman's miscarriage? Not one of the 12 states on Didech's blacklist even criminalizes a woman for an abortion -- let alone launches formal inquiries after a miscarriage. Yet this is all part of the messaging subterfuge of the Left. If Rep. Didech cares about protecting women, maybe he ought to start in his own backyard, where abortionists like Ulrich Klopfer are roughing up women and then carrying their babies' bodies into Illinois to stack like trophies in his garage. This is a state that just made infanticide legal, and their liberals are complaining about the threat of pro-lifers?

Illinois has a serious human dignity problem. And the only people who are in real danger are the ones traveling to Didech's state, where life is only safe if it's wanted -- and warehoused by a maniac if it's not.