Is This Subversive Program in Your Child's School?

Is This Subversive Program in Your Child's School?

October 07, 2019

Navigating our educational system is one of the biggest challenges facing families all across America. Today more than ever parents need to be intentional partners in children's education, whether public, private, or homeschool.

Family Research Council has produced a resource for parents to help identify and monitor a particular threat to our values and religious freedom: divisive identity politics in the form of radical "social justice education." The most flagrant purveyor of partisan ideas aimed at our nation's school children is the highly partisan and left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Parents know that teachers and students alike are often trapped in a system controlled by huge interest groups like the National Education Association (NEA). While claiming to represent teachers, the NEA really represents its own partisan and left-wing agenda to turn teachers and students into "social justice" activists and liberal voters. NEA partners with many leftwing interest groups, including the SPLC. SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance," a special division designed to flood schools with free resources, promotes a one-sided view of controversial issues too partisan for use in public school settings.

Teaching Tolerance's stated goal is to "eradicate intolerance." But what they really want is to eradicate dissent from their particular brand of identity politics. Teaching Tolerance pumps out highly partisan resources for schools like:

  • Curriculum frameworks aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Lesson plans and reading lists
  • Social media supports
  • Posters, films, and other classroom aids
  • Professional development classes and webinars for teachers and administrators.

A Teaching Tolerance specialty is producing official sounding documents like "Social Justice Standards" or "LGBTQ Best Practices" or "Code of Conduct: A Guide to Responsive Discipline" which are shipped to schools all over the country and backed up by heavy handed threats of legal action against schools who do not adopt this liberal worldview.

Read more about Teaching Tolerance here, including tips for addressing concerns to school officials if you find this material being used in your local school.

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