Values Voter Summit 2019: One for the History Books

Values Voter Summit 2019: One for the History Books

October 14, 2019

At "a crucial moment in our nation's history," conservative Christians traveled from across America -- and around the globe -- to gather in Washington D.C. for the 14th annual Values Voter Summit. President Trump, who spoke to the capacity crowd Saturday night at the Omni Shoreham, told the attendees that "our shared values are under assault like never before." Enlightening speakers and informative panel discussions filled the weekend, providing plenty of context to President Trump's declaration!

Don't worry if you weren't able to join us -- each of the informative and encouraging sessions is just a click away. And be sure to watch the prayer that Pastor Andrew Brunson, who we recognized this year with our Cost of Discipleship Award, prayed over President Trump.

Watch below or view the whole archive here.


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