Make a Difference: Start a Community Impact Team

May 29, 2020

By FRC's Dr. Mark Harris

If ever there were a time for Christians to recognize the need to pull together and impact our communities, our states, and our nation, that moment is now. Thankfully, FRC has been on the front lines, providing direction and structure to help churches and other organizations really begin to have a serious and effective impact. The structure is the development of the Community Impact initiative, and it's making a difference.

What exactly is a Community Impact Team? It's men and women who bring together their gifts and abilities for the purpose of four key things, or as they are known, the pillars of Community Impact: to inform, to equip, to alert, and to mobilize. Whether it's your church or your community organization with a number of members, those people need a team of leaders who will work to bring those people together to really make an impact on their communities.

We've seen this work in the arena of disaster relief, when people needed help and support provided as they weathered the crisis they were facing. We have seen this work in the arena of influencing government for good, when issues facing a school board would dramatically change the course of that which was being taught to our children. In either instance people needed to be informed, equipped, alerted, and mobilized to action. Community Impact Teams are able to do this effectively.

How do you get something like this going in your church or organization? It starts with the proper tools and the proper training. Both of those can be found at the Community Impact website. In fact, I encourage you to visit the site to find these tools today. FRC has produced a Community Impact Resource Manual that you can simply download. In it you will find steps to take in beginning this initiative, the people you need to form a team, and how to develop your mission statement for your own team. The Resource Manual also has more than half of its pages filled with ideas of service projects and other ministry opportunities that will truly impact your community. We know that it's true that people really don't care how much we know, until they know how much we care. We earn credibility when we serve the people of our community, and this is when we are most effective at then speaking into their hearts about the issues we face in our day.

But while the Resource Manual provides the tools you need, without the training, we've noticed that many groups never get off the ground. This is why Leader Training is crucial, and on that website you can click on the Resources Tab, and then click on Training Videos. Here, you will find five video sessions: A Biblical Basis for Community Impact; Forming A Team; Communication with your Pastor and Congregation; Participation in the Electoral Process; and Influencing Your Community, State, and Nation.

With so much being faced in America today, it's past time for Christians to step up and not only see the emergency we are facing, but it's time to rely on God's power, and become instruments in His hands to make the impact He desires for us to make. At FRC, we believe standing together, praying together, serving Him together, and shaping one community at a time will bring the results we are longing to see.