Pray, Vote, Stand: Are Our Elections Safe?

September 1, 2020

This November, the counting of votes across America will begin. The question is, will your vote count? As the emergence of mail-in ballots and other potential points of fraud raise concern among voters, we're left wondering how we can even have confidence in the voting process. Add to that restrictions brought about by the pandemic, and many are wondering even if it's worth it to go to the polls this year.

On Episode 2 of Pray Vote Stand, we'll address some of those issues with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), who's seen the havoc that ballot fraud can unleash on elections, as well as the SBC's Dr. Ronnie Floyd, and Bishop Vincent Mathews, World Mission president of Church of God in Christ.

Until then, we want to hear from you! What questions on voter fraud and vote integrity would you like to see addressed in the program? Send us your questions (in the form of a question, please!) to Tell us your name and where you're from, and we'll answer as many questions as we can during the broadcast. Then, tune in this Wednesday, September 2nd from 8:00-8:30 p.m. (ET) on