Impeachment: 'We Never Think about the Consequences'

January 12, 2021

The new Congress has only been sworn in for eight days, and Democrats have already made a mess of their first week. "One of President Trump's biggest flaws is not knowing when to stop," Michael Goodwin pointed out. But the far-Left's latest impeachment stunt makes it clear: that's one thing they all have in common.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) barely won the majority back, even more miraculously won the gavel back, and how is she spending both? Trying to kick a man out of office who will be gone next Wednesday anyway. "We're such imbeciles," one anonymous House Democrat vented to reporters. "We never think about the consequences."

Like everyone else, the Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Scott Shapiro took issue with President Trump's speech at the march last Wednesday -- and his too-late response to the chaos hours later. But as a prosecutor, he warns, the president didn't mention violence, "much less provoke or incite it." Law professor Jonathan Turley, also no fan of the 45th president and his actions, goes a step farther, insisting that Pelosi's personal vendetta against Trump would "gut the impeachment standard [and] free speech."

None of this seems to matter to Democrats, who are so worried about the "threat" the president poses to the country that they left town without filing a single article. "Pelosi is politicizing what are very serious and weighty questions," Marc Thiessen writes in the Washington Post. "Did the president of the United States engage in impeachable conduct? And is it prudent to impeach him when the Constitution will remove him from office in a matter of days?" Most experts, legal scholars, and genuinely concerned citizens say no.

Congressman Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), who watched the events unfold last week in shock and horror, is just as stunned that Democrats would choose this path. "They've hated this president so much. They've done everything but throw the kitchen sink at him to get him out of office. This [impeachment crusade] doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is with the tensions as high as they are [why are they doing this with] nine days left [before] a man leaves office. What is the point, and where is your moral compass?"

Look, Norman said, nobody wants to see this violence. "Joe Biden doesn't. Donald Trump doesn't. I don't know of any politician that does. What took place was a planned attack, and we've got to deal with it... But for [Pelosi] to do this, [to] rub salt in the wound of basically 74 million people who voted for President Trump to try to leave his legacy in tatters... it is shocking." At this point, Norman said, Democrats are just "removed from the reality of the American people."

They're also removed from the reality of their own promises. Joe Biden says he wants to unite the country, then turns around and tells reporters the question of impeachment "is up to Congress." This was his opportunity to prove that healing is what his administration really wants. "If Biden won't lower the temperature," Goodwin asks, "who will?"

Either way, the votes aren't there. Pelosi knows it, and most Americans know it. So what will people conclude? That this is about retribution. And, as I told Congressman Norman, that's where Democrats are making the biggest tactical error. This only solidifies, in the minds of people who supported Trump, the hate that the far-Left has for him. They've seen what he's been up against from day one, and now Democrats seem intent on proving it until he's out the door. That doesn't bring unity or healing. That brings more resentment and resistance against the incoming government. And, as everyone in this city and around the world saw in the tragedy last Wednesday, more anger and hostility are the last things America needs.