Waking up to Woke Schools

February 2, 2021

The Left's radical insanity is so contagious, even the most secluded school districts aren't immune. The latest casualty is the public school district in Ames, a community of 62,000 residents in central Iowa, hardly a hotbed of Leftist radicalism. But this week, in observance of African American history month, the Ames school district is sponsoring a "Black Lives Matter week of action," foisting on children such principles as "globalism," "queer affirming," and "trans affirming."

The Federalist's Executive Editor Joy Pullman reported on the indoctrination program and joined me last night on Washington Watch. She has grown used to seeing these woke training programs in mostly-white communities like Ames (79 percent of public school children in Ames come from white families) because they are "basically a wealthy self-flagellation exercise for white people."

They don't resonate with the values or priorities of ethnic minorities. Instead, they act as a way of "relieving guilt and making people feel good about themselves rather than actually addressing the real difficulties and challenges and concerns that Americans who aren't white have."

That's a generous assessment. Another motive for these programs is the intentional deconstruction of the family and, with it, Western civilization. Another principle promoted by Ames' training program is "black villages," defined as "disrupting the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement."

The problem is, destroying the family is the worst possible way to help impoverished children. As Pullman said, "a married two parent family is the gold standard for every possible outcome for a child." On average, children who grow up with a mother and a father have a higher income and a higher level of education than children who don't. This is shown beyond question by innumerable studies.

"In the name of anti-racism," Pullman said, these programs really advance "bigotry." They falsely claim that nuclear families are for whites only and discourage ethnic minorities from setting their children up from success. She said slandering the nuclear family to non-white students relies on the "assumption that because of your skin color, you're somehow unable to attain success."

And so parents who try to assuage their feelings of guilt by endorsing these Leftist trainings are really undermining the success of their own children, while not helping minority children at all. It's "misguided compassion," as Pullman said.

That's not to say problems don't exist. But there's a better way to fix them. It just requires a little more work, responsibility, and personal sacrifice.

Pullman says the solution starts when we ask ourselves, what can I do? What can I do to, "not solve the world's problems, but solve my neighbor's problems?" Instead of giving in to consumerism and "spending every single cent and resource" on ourselves, we should be attuned to those who are suffering in our own communities.

"Who is a little boy and girl in my neighborhood who is not in a good situation, who can be incorporated into our family life? Who can I take to church personally?"

The book of James says the heart of religion is "to care for the widow and orphan in their time of need and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." You don't have to look far to find a child that doesn't have a mom or dad, irrespective of color. We can, and should, push back against the ever advancing woke ideology of the Left. But we have even more moral authority to push back if the church is taking the lead in addressing the needs of their own community. So before you click away or close the tab, ask yourself, "How can I help those in need?"