PVS: Where Persecution Abounds, Courage Abounds More

May 28, 2021

A growing number of American Christians are finding themselves in courtrooms when they choose to live out their faith in public. So what should believers know about their constitutional rights in order to have solid legal footing? But more importantly, how should Christians approach worldly persecution from a biblical perspective?

In this week's edition of FRC's Pray Vote Stand broadcast, Tony was joined by Mike Berry, general counsel at First Liberty Institute, who discussed the details of an ongoing case they are defending in which a Texas judge faces a lawsuit over prayer in his courtroom as well as the power that believers have to lead by example and inspire those around them. FRC's new national prayer director and chaplain, Jay Johnston, also joined the broadcast to emphasize the vital importance of prayer through the example of the prophet Daniel, and Michele Bachmann, dean of the Regent University School of Government and FRC's board chair, concluded the broadcast with a stirring prayer for believers to take courage in their convictions in the same way that Daniel and John the Baptist did.