Stand Courageous Makes a Stop in Colorado

June 21, 2021

by FRC's Mark Harris

Stand Courageous: It really is more than just the name of a conference. It's an exhortation to men across our nation to stand, commit, and follow through to be the husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders they were called to be. The power of transformation was on display this past weekend as we saw men from 16 different states gather in Woodland Park, Colorado to be challenged to stand courageous as men.

They heard messages on the call of God upon their lives to be provider, battle buddy, instructor, defender, and chaplain in their homes. They also participated in breakout sessions dealing with some of the most practical ways they could get engaged to truly make the difference in their communities. General Boykin shared his testimony and exhortation to "Never Surrender." Men were moving all across the auditorium to get to the altar where ministry leaders counseled, prayed, and saw a number of men declare for the first time their personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Then, as Tony Pekins led the hundreds of men in the Pledge to Stand Courageous, you could feel the sense of urgency that every man seemed to express. As the event moved to its climatic conclusion, fathers from across the nation left their seats with their sons by their sides, walking to the altar to lay hands on and bless their sons. Men, who had missed such an experience in their own lives as sons also came forward to have a man of God lay hands and offer a prayer of blessing upon them. You could truly hear in the voices of the men, and see it in their eyes as they exited, what God had done on Saturday! The next great opportunity is coming August 28 on the campus of Liberty University. Registration is now open!