Biden's Brutal Budget for the Unborn

Biden's Brutal Budget for the Unborn

May 28, 2021

Joe Biden got a lot of exercise during the 2020 campaign sprinting to the Left. He turned himself inside-out to prove his radical cred to everyone from Planned Parenthood to Squad socialists. But his biggest surprise, at least after 40 years of saying otherwise, was his flip on taxpayer-funded abortion. Pushed and prodded by reporters and activists, the self-professed Catholic finally took a question on the Hyde amendment that sealed the deal with his party's extremists. Asked by a liberal voter about the wall between taxpayer dollars and abortion, Biden replied: "It can't stay." Two years later, the test of whether he meant it has finally come. And the answer is: he does.

When Biden released his first budget proposal this week -- a $6 trillion boondoggle of every Leftish wish under the sun -- there was one thing noticeably absent. For the first time since 1976, a president presented a budget that didn't protect the American people from paying for them. To the liberal media establishment, it was the clearest sign yet that Biden has come full circle. "A budget blueprint that omits the Hyde amendment and other anti-abortion provisions could be Biden's strongest statement yet..." Politico agreed.

Of course, Joe Biden didn't exactly need to prove his radical bona fides. He's already made more pools of government money available for abortion spending than any president -- including Barack Obama. Whether taxpayers realize it or not, this administration has opened up $479,905,584,775 dollars to the killing of innocent unborn children, almost 20 times what Obama allowed. In just four months, FRC's Connor Semelsberger points out, Biden is poised to do more damage in one term than Obama did in eight years!

Until Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016, the idea of forcing open Americans' wallets and ordering them to pay for the destruction of life was never really a question. Bill Clinton called for it in 1993 but never succeeded. The Hyde amendment's history, as Biden's pre-presidential run showed, was a story of bipartisan consensus. Even radical Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) admitted, "This is one of those things where it's hard to change people's minds. I don't think we're quite there yet."

And she's not just talking about her own more moderate colleagues. The American people are solidly against the idea -- and have been since pollsters started asking. Just this past January, the Marist organization found Democrats may have staked out new ground on the issue -- but voters haven't followed. Almost 60 percent of Americans don't want their money financing abortion, including 31 percent of Democrats and 65 percent of Independents). As even liberal outlets like Slate have been trying to warn Biden's party, this idea isn't as nearly popular as Democrats think. On the legality of abortion, it's a smorgasbord of opinions. "But on the question of direct payments, most voters agree with the GOP. If Democrats make that question a litmus test," Slate's William Saletan says, "they'll regret it."

Of course, the Democratic Party has never really let public opinion (or human dignity) get in the way of their radical agenda. As we speak, Democrats in Congress aren't waiting for Biden's budget proposal to move forward with this disastrous 180-degree turn. Leftists like Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), who just took over the House Appropriations Committee, have already started the drumbeat to kick the four decades-old Hyde to the curb. Her party got a good start with the $1.9 trillion dollar COVID relief bill this March, which -- despite three Democratic senators joining the GOP -- fell a handful of votes shy of protecting the unborn in every area of the proposal's funding.

It's a dramatic contrast to the states, where legislatures are moving just as fast to tighten up pro-life laws and pass new abortion limits. In the last handful of months, at least four states -- Idaho, Arkansas, Montana, and Oklahoma -- took a bite out of the abortion industry's budget, defunding groups like Planned Parenthood by name or in broader appropriations. (To see how your state stacks up, check out FRC's Pro-Life Maps!) As many as 15 other states have similar proposals in the pipeline.

That momentum isn't lost on the White House or Democrats, Politico says. "With states pushing forward a new wave of sweeping abortion restrictions and the Supreme Court gearing up to hear a direct challenge to Roe vs. Wade, progressives have been pressing Biden to move fast." And so far, he seems quite content to oblige them. If that surprises Biden voters, it shouldn't. This is the same radicalism that Democrats spelled out plainly in their last two party platforms. And frankly, it's what Biden promised to do. If squishy Republicans or misled Christians were under the impression Democrats would lighten up after Biden took the reins, they were either painfully naïve or desperately trying to justify their vote. Either way, the unborn will pay the price. And at $6 trillion dollars, it's a steep one.

For more on the history and importance of the Hyde amendment, check out FRC's resource by Connor Semelsberger here.

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Live from the Pastors Roundtable!

May 28, 2021

Thursday, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins welcomed pastors from nearly every state and nine countries to our Watchman on the Wall virtual gathering. Though COVID restrictions that persist in DC restrained an in-person meeting, it did not restrain our message. In fact, FRC has worked hard to keep pastors informed, engaged and encouraged during the pandemic for one simple reason: Spiritual leaders are in the best position to provide biblical solutions to the escalating problems we are facing in America. As FRC Executive Vice President, retired Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, often points out, pastors are strategic force multipliers in the spiritual war in which we are engaged. Consequently, as goes the pastor, so goes the church. As goes the church, so goes the culture and the government. That is why it is so vital that America's pastors step up and take their place as spiritual Watchmen on the walls of our nation.

During our virtual gathering, we heard from some premier Watchmen as well as other leaders and cultural experts. Here's a sampling:

Watchmen Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills framed the challenge: "We need to go back to the pulpits being the epicenter of light, understanding, truth and vision like never before... Is it possible that God has allowed all of these things to be stripped away so that just a handful of God's men would rise up in the pulpit...come out of their closet on fire at an hour like this, that it would actually be a catalyst which would bring about revival among the church and awakening among the lost?... I believe that's the only hope for America."

New FRC Senior Research Fellow George Barna revealed that only six percent of Americans have a biblical worldview, which is arguably a major contributor to the societal breakdown that we are witnessing across the country. However, the positive is that more than three quarters of all people who say they believe in God say they also believe that God cares a lot as to whether or not they take their faith and apply it to all dimensions of life. So there is an opportunity to change the trajectory.

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.), a warrior on Capitol Hill for faith, family and freedom, addressed the temptation to give up in light of the flood of bad policy advanced by the Biden administration and Congress: "David didn't sit there in his pasture and just pray God, please deliver that sheep from [the lion's] mouth.... He went after it and struck it and he rescued it. And we need men and women of faith... to be bold, to contend for the faith... to tell the truth and love, to equip people with the facts and to rise up and to stand for truth in this age and to take them back, take back our flock for Christ and for the good of our country."

Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was released from a Turkish prison by the Providence of God, the prayers of His people, and the efforts of the Trump administration and FRC, helped prepare pastors for the persecution he sees on the horizon: "[W]e need to...begin to build their hearts, especially in, I think, intimacy with God, because when we love someone, we're willing to suffer for them... And so we make that decision now that we will be faithful, that we will look to him because we need to make those decisions now so that when we're under pressure, we do not run. But we stand firm."

Dr. Mark Harris, pastor and new vice president for the association of churches and ministries that FRC is forming, encouraged pastors to join our new association and tap into all the benefits offered: "For me as a pastor, Family Research Council has some of the greatest resources that any pastor could ever hope to find.... And not only that, you've got the fellowship of other pastors in your community and in your state that are there. And then we've got ministries... such as the Stand Courageous men's conferences..."

Finally, we launched the new Center for Biblical Worldview with the director David Closson, senior research fellow George Barna, and former congressman and President Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows, who was asked how pastors can pray. He responded: "Pray for leadership... pray for boldness, pray for those in Congress who are willing to stand up against all persecution." Tony concluded with a challenge: "We must stand in the gap. We must rise up and proactively defend the truth. We must stand on God's word and advance Biblical truth. And having done everything, we are committed to standing. May God bless you and may God bless our nation."

Please forward the link to this virtual event to your pastor and encourage him to join the ranks of multiplied thousands of Watchmen all across America. We firmly believe that, under God, the future of America depends largely on them taking their stand in this critical moment in our nation's history. What could God do through your pastor taking his place with these Watchmen? Get him connected with us, pray for him, and find out!

PVS: Where Persecution Abounds, Courage Abounds More

May 28, 2021

A growing number of American Christians are finding themselves in courtrooms when they choose to live out their faith in public. So what should believers know about their constitutional rights in order to have solid legal footing? But more importantly, how should Christians approach worldly persecution from a biblical perspective?

In this week's edition of FRC's Pray Vote Stand broadcast, Tony was joined by Mike Berry, general counsel at First Liberty Institute, who discussed the details of an ongoing case they are defending in which a Texas judge faces a lawsuit over prayer in his courtroom as well as the power that believers have to lead by example and inspire those around them. FRC's new national prayer director and chaplain, Jay Johnston, also joined the broadcast to emphasize the vital importance of prayer through the example of the prophet Daniel, and Michele Bachmann, dean of the Regent University School of Government and FRC's board chair, concluded the broadcast with a stirring prayer for believers to take courage in their convictions in the same way that Daniel and John the Baptist did.