'Menstrual Equity' Kicks off a Period of Confusion in Schools

'Menstrual Equity' Kicks off a Period of Confusion in Schools

May 2, 2022

According to a new poll, Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) is officially the least popular governor in America. And considering the law she just signed, it's not hard to see why. Thanks to the Menstrual Dignity Act that just passed, local taxpayers are now on the hook for thousands of new tampon dispensers in boys' bathrooms. This latest madness, which affects every public school and college in the state, is expected to cost up to $400 a machine. And school custodians aren't the only ones upset about it.

"This will show all of our youth, and especially our trans youth, that the bathroom they're using, that affirms their gender, that it's for them," argued one Portland resident, "and it has the products there that they might need." Legislators agreed, expanding a bill that was originally intended to give female students free sanitary products at school. Now, in an absurd gesture, the state has decided to "affirm the right to menstrual dignity for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and two-spirit students" by trying to "minimize negative attention that could put them at risk of harm... during menstruation."

In the state's guidance, school officials are told to use gender-neutral phrases like "menstruating students" instead of "girls." When it comes to explaining the reproductive process, teachers are instructed to tell kids that "someone with a uterus and ovaries may begin to menstruate," instead of girls. There's no such thing as "female hygiene products," the toolkit argues -- only "menstrual products."

Obviously, state leaders didn't bother to consult their counterparts in Illinois, where a similar move has literally opened the floodgates to expensive plumbing issues and mischief. "When you give a grade-school boy something that's adhesive, they're going to put it in places," Illinois Republicans argued during their debate. "These products are not inexpensive, and they are going to be misused if they are placed in elementary school boys' bathrooms," state Rep. Avery Bourne (R) fumed last year. Case in point: campuses like Loyola University, where janitors are dealing with all kinds of pranks, tampering, and vandalism. Sanitary pads "would end up on the mirrors, in the sinks, down the toilet, and completely thrown out," one students' group complained.

School administrators have also had to deal with the fallout of this lunacy in Illinois, admitting, "Operationally for our building, yes, it is creating problems..." Huntley High Assistant Principal Tom Kempf said. "[T]he custodian has to spend an extra hour fixing something..." What's next? Urinals in the girls' restrooms? "I'm telling you, there is no logic here," state Senator Jil Tracy (R) warned before the state ignored her and passed the bill. "We've got to quit playing these stupid silly games here and get real and get fiscally responsible."

Unfortunately, "menstrual equity" is only scratching the surface of outrage in most states, where parents are fighting a much more sinister abuse of their authority. In Florida, mom January Littlejohn is actually suing her school district for helping her teenage daughter transition without her consent. On "Fox & Friends" this morning, she explained how she stumbled on a "transgender support plan" that school officials were working on behind Littlejohn's back that included everything from preferred pronouns, overnight rooming situations for fieldtrips, switching to boys' restrooms, and other steps that they never called home to discuss.

"This is happening all over the nation," Littlejohn warned. "This same protocol is in place in many, many schools across districts everywhere... So this is a very systematic way that parents are being excluded from important decisions occurring with their children -- and, further, social transition is a medical intervention that schools are grossly unqualified to be taking these steps without parental involvement."

Her attorney, Vernadette Broyles, pointed out that there's a wave of lawsuits across the country from parents experiencing this same injustice. In places like Wisconsin, Maryland, Oregon, and California, she pointed out, moms and dads are starting to realize that "this is a national agenda... and they need to assert [their rights] with their school."

Joe Biden's radical Education secretary, Miguel Cardona, has been on the receiving end of a lot of angry letters from Republicans, who see the president's administration -- and woke districts across the country -- "withholding information from parents... at an alarming pace." North Carolina's Rep. Virginia Foxx (R) and Senator Richard Burr (R) were furious that a 12-year-old girl attempted suicide after the school pushed her to embrace her new gender identity "without notifying the parents." "There's little to no accountability coming from this administration," Foxx and Burr wrote to Cardona earlier this year. "How many more children will be put in harm's way if school districts are not being held to account?"

In places like Missouri, state leaders are racing to keep this dangerous ideology at arm's length. Right now, local conservatives are working against the clock to move a bill that would outlaw this radical gender therapy (including hormones and surgery) for children out of the Rules Committee and onto to the floor. So far, it's been stalled by one man -- the committee's chairman, Philip Christofanelli (R). If you live in Missouri, we're urging you to call and respectfully demand that they vote to protect Missouri kids.

For more on the transgender debate that's raging across the country, don't miss Dr. Jennifer Bauwens's latest, "Protecting Children in a Post-Trans Ideological World."

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Re-Lie-Ability: Biden Administration's Defining Feature

May 2, 2022

Only totalitarians read George Orwell for ideas. Last week, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the establishment of a "Myths and Disinformation Governance Board" which eerily resembles the "Ministry of Truth" from 1984. Readers of the novel will remember that the Ministry of Truth's sole purpose was to promulgate lies, just as the Ministry of Peace was devoted to prosecuting war.

"Our government's not doing what it should be," warned Congressman Ron Estes (R-Kans.). "We're already up to 7,000, and... that will go up to 18,000 people a day... if they lift Title 42." Amid the most staggering border crisis in American history, DHS has taken on entirely unconnected new authority. Estes added, "I don't know... [how] the federal government determining what we can say... makes the border any more secure."

The administration claims this new board is needed to counter Russian disinformation in U.S. elections, but if that were the real reason it wouldn't belong in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In fact, "counter[ing] foreign state and non-state propaganda" is already the role of the State Department's Global Engagement Center. So it not only ignores DHS's main crisis; but also is entirely duplicative. DHS's new "Disinformation" board smells fishier than last week's tuna salad.

Mayorkas tried to defend the new initiative on CNN -- itself a notorious misinformation machine. To his credit, he lies awkwardly -- which hardly makes him this board's best spokesman. He awkwardly stumbled, dodged, and shirked from softball questions about the Disinformation Board like "what will it do?" Can you "guarantee that" American citizens will not be monitored? And "would you be ok if Donald Trump... [were] in charge of such a thing?"

The substance of his answers spilled out in disconnected, defensive phrases. If the secretary is to be believed, the board will "not have any operational authority" and will simply "gather together best practices" -- his favorite phrase -- to ensure that they are actually "safeguarding the right of free speech." The Left sure does know how to wrap the worst ideas in the rosiest rhetoric.

Also, if the secretary is to be believed, the Biden administration's pick to lead the board, Nina Jankowicz, is "eminently qualified, a renowned expert in the field of disinformation" and "absolutely" neutral. While you're imbibing that "truth" here's another: Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. According to former National Security Agency intelligence analyst John Schindler:

A product of the NGO-Democratic complex, Jankowicz's prolific Twitter feed offers a panoply of stridently woke takes on everything from proper pronouns to gender issues. More importantly, Jankowicz is herself a purveyor of disinformation. She pushed the now-infamous Steele dossier, which bona fide disinformation experts called out as fake not long after it appeared, while repeatedly presenting Hunter Biden's controversial laptop as a Kremlin disinformation scheme rather than a legitimate news story."

Schindler concludes that the board is "rabidly partisan." "It's kind of scary to think about the roads they could go down... just because you don't say the politically correct thing," Estes remarked. The Biden administration's Ministry of Truth shares the aim of the Sedition Act of 1798, to punish all citizens who "print, utter, or publish...any false, scandalous, and malicious writing" against the government, which -- as governments inevitably define it -- means any speech they don't like. Let's hope Biden's board also shares the Sedition Act's fate crushing defeat at the hands of voters.

Some speech suppression (also known as attempted mind control) is simply insulting -- such as denying the Covid lab leak theory, the southern border crisis, or the real causes of inflation. Suppressing viewpoints on more serious matters can contribute to society's moral decay and threaten religious freedom. For instance, the Biden administration might prohibit speech denying that boys can become girls, that gender is a social construct, that abortion is a human right, that marriage is simply a temporary connection between any number of people who love each other.

Initiatives like the Ministry of Truth should drive us to pray, "Save, O Lord, for the godly one is gone; for the faithful have vanished from among the children of man. Everyone utters lies to his neighbor; with flattering lips and a double heart they speak.... On every side the wicked prowl as vileness is exalted among the children of man." (Psalm 12:1-2,8). By contrast, "the words of the Lord are pure words" (Psalm 12:6). He will "cut off all flattering lips, the tongue that makes great boasts" (Psalm 12:3) and "will guard us from this generation forever" (Psalm 12:7).

For now, we can be thankful that, even if the Biden administration has the gall to establish a Ministry of Truth, they don't have its monopoly on publication. At least for now, we are free to tweet truths like: "'There is no Ministry of Truth,' Minister of Truth confirms."

Calling All Dads, Sons, Husbands, and Brothers!

May 2, 2022

The number of practicing Christians in America is declining at a record rate. Over the last decade, the percentage of the U.S. population that self-identifies as Christian has fallen by 15 percent. This statistic is a snapshot of a larger trend that has been occurring since the 1960's. Over the last 60 years, church membership in America has fallen by a staggering 25 percent--fully one quarter of the population has stopped going to church.

While there are certainly many different factors that have contributed to this disturbing decline, one reality is beyond question: Christian men in America have largely failed to fulfill their role as the spiritual leaders of their families, and as a result, generations of children have left the faith because their most influential role model failed to effectively teach and model what it looks like to walk with God.

As confusion over such fundamental realities as our own identities continues to rage, our culture is thirsting for biblical truth, and the witness of that truth starts in the home. At Family Research Council, we are equipping a movement of men to become the spiritual leaders of their families and communities through our Stand Courageous men's ministry.

Join our Stand Courageous Men's Conference in High Point, N.C. on May 6-7! With Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin leading this conference with his testimony of serving as the former Commander of the U.S. Army Delta Force during the mission that is depicted in the movie Black Hawk Down, along with Tony Perkins, Charles Flowers, Joaquin Molina, Larry Jackson, and Stu Weber, you will be blessed, encouraged, and equipped with incredible testimonies and resources!

After attending, we hear from men across the country that this conference is unlike any other men's conference they've ever attended.

Learn more about the Stand Courageous Men's Conference on May 6-7, 2022 in High Point, N.C.