Dems Defend Abortion to the Ends of the Birth

Dems Defend Abortion to the Ends of the Birth

May 12, 2022

When the Supreme Court justices met Thursday for the first time since the leak, life looked anything but normal. Now they head into the city from secret locations, leaving their homes in the care of entire swat teams. By this point, they've heard about the waves of violence against pro-lifers and the vote on the most radical abortion bill in America's history. They pull into the Court, surrounded by eight-foot barricades, knowing that in just nine days, the entire country has been turned upside down.

While the justices talk next steps, church leaders will be scrubbing walls and filing police reports. Egged on by Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), pro-abortion activists have carried out more attacks -- this time in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, where vandals spraypainted "Pro-choice is pro-life" on the entrance of one church and "You don't have the right to decide how others live" on another. In some parishes, church property was outright desecrated. Even so, Father Peter Harris says, "This won't stop us." If anything, he told reporters, it only "propels us to continue to be witnesses for Christ and the world."

Meanwhile, the same Justice Department that couldn't wait to pounce on "terrorist" parents at school board meetings has done nothing to stop the wave of actual violence against pro-lifers. The silence is so deafening that House Republicans like Michael Cloud (R-Texas) have had to resort to formal letters, demanding that the attorney general wake up and do his job. At least two pro-life organizations have been firebombed, several others have been graffitied or harassed, and still Merrick Garland's DOJ is MIA.

Calling the crime wave against churches "a diabolical attack on Americans' sacred right to freely worship and assemble," Cloud reminds Garland that as attorney general, "you are responsible for both enforcing the law and investigating any violations against the law." "In the strongest terms possible, I urge you to acknowledge the rise in anti-Christian hate crimes and investigate these crimes utilizing the full authority of your position and the extensive resources of the DOJ at your disposal."

To most people, it's the administration's double standard that's truly unconscionable. When the DOJ isn't busy targeting moms and dads, it's using every available resource to prosecute the people involved in the January 6 riot. And while it's appropriate to hold any lawbreakers accountable for that day, as NRO points out, "for all the talk of 'insurrection,' the actual charges being levied against offenders from that day include illegal... parading." That's not to trivialize January 6, the editors insist, but it is to say that "the federal government under the Biden administration has exactly the same duty to protect the Supreme Court that the federal government under the Trump administration had to protect Congress. And the Biden administration is failing..."

By huge majorities, Americans disdain the protests at justices' houses. And that consensus (75 to 15 percent) is across party lines. Democrats are just as horrified (66 percent) as Republicans (86 percent) that it's appropriate to harass the country's highest judges. And yet, the unifier-in-chief still can't spare the time to condemn the mobs swarming the justices' houses. Like most of his party's zealots, the only language he speaks is doublespeak.

The other area where Democrats seem to be wildly out of step with their voters -- and just as indifferent about it -- is on actual abortion policy. Wednesday, in an act of legislative hari-kari, Senate leaders insisted on a second vote for the most extreme abortion bill ever brought to the floor of Congress. Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel watched the drama unfold, grateful for another chance to draw a contrast between the two parties on the issue. "I don't understand it," she shook her head. "It's out of step with the American people. First of all, we know that 85 percent of the American people absolutely want limits on abortion. And to see the Democrats keep pushing... to abort a baby that we know could live. It's just so frightening."

It's also, McDaniel pointed out, another reminder of how extreme they are. And frankly, she predicts, it's going to backfire. "I look at senators like Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.), who's up for election, Raphael Warnock (D) in... Georgia And they're embracing aborting a baby on its due date -- on the day it would be born. Nine months. They know that baby would live, [and yet] they're fine with that. That is so grotesque... And for Democrats to embrace that... it should be a wake-up call to every American. They have become so radical they don't even have room for difference of opinion or a difference of thought in their party."

When Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said, "The consequences of this vote will stay with us for the rest of our time in office," he was right. And for some vulnerable Democrats, who couldn't bring themselves to stand up for basic humanity, they're about to find out: the "rest of their time in office" won't be as long as they thought.

Tony Perkins's Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

Yellen for Abortion Is Never Good

May 12, 2022

The pending U.S. Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization has dominated most conversation on Capitol Hill over the past week. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's comments at the Senate Banking Committee hearing were no exception.

The hearing began with Sen. Robert Menendez's (D-N.J.) claim that "current state level abortion restrictions already cost the United States about $105 billion annually due to reduced earning levels, increased turnover, and time off for women."

To this, Yellen replied, "I believe that eliminating the rights of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades. Roe v. Wade... helped increase labor force participation, it enabled many women to finish school that increased their earning potential, it allowed women to plan and balance their families and careers."

As Americans are paying a record high $4.17 per gallon of gas, the economy is at the forefront of people's minds, and Democrats know this. Although it seems likely that whoever leaked Samuel Alito's draft in Dobbs did so with the intent of stirring up the far Left voter base, current polling is showing a failure to accomplish this goal. Consequently, Democrats have pivoted from talking about "the right to abortion" to talking about abortion as the safeguard of same-sex marriage, contraception, and now economic security.

As Congressman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) pointed out on "Washington Watch" with Tony Perkins, "For you and me and everyone in the pro-life movement, it's always offensive when someone tries to put a dollar amount to these lives, unborn lives, many of whom are babies of color."

He's right, but this shift, although revolting, is not surprising. Abortion has always been about money. In 1972, Title IX was enacted outlawing discrimination based on sex in education programs. Shortly after, with the influx of women into higher education and in the following years, the work force, companies should have been forced to recreate their work environments to be compatible with women -- including their ability to be mothers.

But in 1973, Roe v. Wade was decided, and abortion offered one solution to the conflict between the workplace and motherhood. Conveniently, many who promoted abortion were lauded as promoting women's opportunities in the workplace, when really, they were cementing corporate America as a man's world.

As time went on, many businesses added parental leave, but most companies recognize that their generous policy of 12 or 16 weeks of paid leave is expensive; that after having children, 49 percent of women stop working outside the home; and that hiring, retraining, and replacing an employee costs companies about 33 percent of a worker's salary. This is likely at least part of the reason corporations like Amazon, Citigroup, and Yelp have opted to offer a $4,000 abortion travel "benefit" to their employees.

In the short term, babies are bad for the wallets of C-suite corporate executives. But this should not be mistaken for babies being bad for the economy, and it certainly should not be mistaken for abortion being good for the economy.

In his very next question during Yellen's hearing, unbeknownst to him, Menendez acknowledged this. He continued, "The federal reserve chair, Chairman Powell, has acknowledged that part of the labor shortage is being fueled by an inordinately high number of retirements. According to the most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now two job openings per unemployed worker in the country. It's about 11 million jobs that are going unfilled, which has an economic consequence by virtue of them going unfilled. In short, we just don't have enough people to replace those who are leaving the labor force now."

What Menendez has admitted is exactly what FRC previously reported: "The assertion that by eliminating a population, one no longer has to spend money to feed or clothe that population, ignores the fact that one thereby destroys a population that will work."

Brady echoed the positive impact more people have on the economy and said, "The country and the states that have the workers are the ones who are going to win the economic future. So, you know, I think if you were to take such a moral issue and try to put an economic spin on it, you would have to come to the conclusion it is good for America to have more young people, more opportunities, more skills, more hopes, and dreams."

From an economic standpoint, what Yellen has failed to realize is that people, babies in particular, are not causing our economy to tank. Quite the opposite is true; they are the solution. But more importantly, Yellen failed to recognize that people are a good in and of themselves, and the economy is meant to serve them, not the other way around.

Grotesque California: Abortion Tourism Is not Normal

May 12, 2022

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) wants to make sure you know how much he approves of abortion. Wednesday, he announced $57 million in state funding to promote abortion -- on top of $68 million he announced in January. The package includes $40 million to abort babies of low-income women, $15 million to subsidize pro-abortion activism, and $1 million each to maintain an abortion website and to research other avenues to bankroll the abortion industry.

In light of a bill sailing through the legislature (so far it has passed three Senate committees with a combined vote of 23-3), Newsom's announcement amounts to sponsoring abortion tourism. Under Senate Bill 1142 (which has sailed through), the state's Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (can you define those terms, please?) would administer an Abortion Practical Support Fund which accepts any and all donations to sponsor abortion -- essentially a GoFundMe campaign -- which is partly targeted at patients who "come from out of state." The bill also provides for state-sponsored advertisements about how to obtain an abortion (as if anyone doesn't know) and explicitly "declares" that "abortion care is a constitutional right."

Newsom's funding and SB 1142 are part of a blizzard of pro-abortion bills sweeping through California's legislature. In March, he signed into law SB 245, which eliminates insurance copays for abortions. Also scoring huge committee wins (18-5 so far) is Assembly Bill 2223, which would decriminalize "actions or omissions with respect to... perinatal death [aka after the child is born] due to a pregnancy-related cause," which blurs the line with infanticide if not outright permitting it. California Family Policy Council keeps an extensive list of the most concerning bills (on abortion and other issues), which includes:

  • AB 1666 prohibits California from cooperating with civil laws regarding abortion in other states
  • AB 1918 sponsors scholarships for abortion training
  • AB 1940 provides grants for abortion services in K-12 schools
  • AB 2091 prohibits release of medical information related to violation of another state's abortion law
  • AB 2134 requires insurance plans excluding abortion coverage to provide written notice
  • AB 2586 targets pro-life pregnancy centers as "fake clinics"
  • AB 2790 removes reporting requirement where doctors suspect abuse is taking place

Do elected officials in Sacramento have nothing better to do than sit around and think up ways to kill other people's unborn children? Not quite. It turns out Newsom outsourced that distasteful responsibility to the California Future of Abortion (FAB) Council, a cabal of over 40 abortion industry advocates, including eight Planned Parenthood affiliates, which gave the state government "45 policy recommendations relating to seven main areas of focus." It seems that this sudden rash of bills is simply the state giving the abortion lobby everything they asked for.

Why is California's government so zealous for abortion? In part, California is responding to anticipation of the Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs, which may overturn Roe v. Wade and return abortion policy back to the states, according to a draft opinion leaked last week. But it's more than that. Newsom has endorsed abortion tourism for much longer; all the way back in the misty, pre-COVID past of 2019, he signed a proclamation "welcoming women to California" for abortions. Additionally, the FAB Council's report and Newsom's January budget were both released before the draft Dobbs opinion was leaked. At some point, we simply must conclude that California Democrats want more babies aborted. Leftists like to complain about greedy corporations getting sweet deals from the government at the expense of the general public -- but that's exactly what's happening in California with abortion businesses.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of California's quasi-religious extremism is the religious undertone. "We'll be a sanctuary," promised Newsom -- that is, a place that is safe because it is sacred. But safe for whom, or rather for what? Certainly not for the unborn babies whose lives are ended, nor for the mothers who face crushing guilt and often life-threatening complications. Only the right to end a baby's life, a staple of demonic cults for millennia, is protected by this sinister "sanctuary." When the draft opinion was leaked, Newsom declared, "we are going to fight like hell," but what he meant as an expletive is quite literally true.

God blessed Adam and Eve by commanding them, "be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 1:28), and all Scripture reaffirms that "the fruit of the womb [is] a reward" (Psalm 127:3). Yet today many people are desperate to extinguish their offspring to avoid the natural consequences of their sexual immorality. The consequences -- children -- are good gifts from God. "Let the children come to me," said Jesus; "do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God" (Mark 10:14). California has distinguished itself as a leader in hindering the children from living at all, and that will bring its own consequences.

A Transformational Moment for the American Family Association

May 12, 2022

For 45 years, the American Family Association (AFA) has stood at the forefront of upholding and strengthening "the moral foundations of American culture" and "giv[ing] aid to the church here and abroad in its task of fulfilling the Great Commission." With Wednesday's grand opening of the 20,000-square-foot, two-story Don Wildmon Center for Cultural Transformation in Tupelo, Miss., AFA will be well equipped to "combat the forces that seek to destroy Christian influence in America and overthrow the founding principles of our republic" for years to come.

As the center's name suggests, the transformational work that AFA has been doing for almost a half-century would not have been possible without its beloved founder Don Wildmon.

"I knew Dad was starting something special," said AFA President Tim Wildmon on "Washington Watch." "He was a Methodist pastor at the time [of AFA's founding]. He left the pulpit and started the National Federation for Decency, which is today the American Family Association. So I knew he was doing something highly unusual, stepping out of the pastorate. And then one thing after another happened. Next thing I know, my Dad's on Donahue's television show and people are telling me, 'Hey, I saw your dad on national TV.' He started to get a lot of attention for helping to lead a movement of Christians to become engaged in the culture and to respond to the wickedness and evil that we saw beginning to spread even before the '70s."

Wildmon went on to discuss how his father, along with other noted leaders of the Moral Majority of the late '70s and early '80s, saw the writing on the wall of where America was headed. "[They saw that it was] time not just to talk about things going on in our churches and not just evangelism -- which is certainly a foremost mission of the church -- but also to get involved in politics and government and public policy, because if we don't, the other side is going to win by default."

FRC President Tony Perkins, who delivered remarks honoring Don at the Center's unveiling event in Tupelo, noted that he helped FRC get "Washington Watch" off the ground. "[Don] was one of the first individuals I met when I came to the Family Research Council," Perkins said. "[He is] just a tremendous man of God ... the American Family Association reflects this. They are very giving; they came alongside us. [AFA] really got us started in radio. When I wanted to start, I came and talked to you and you helped us with the air time."

That spirit of generosity came from a humble heart. "[Don] didn't care who got the credit," Perkins emphasized. "I think it's remarkable what your father did here, not only with establishing the American Family Association, but also passing it on as you have stepped into leadership."

"Dad is and always has been a very humble man," Wildmon observed. "But he's also been very shrewd [and] very smart ... [He] came from the country -- from the sticks of northeast Mississippi. But he graduated from Emory, a four-year program, in three years ... Dad wrote 22 books that he basically sold himself. This was back in the '60s and '70s. [He sold] a half million copies of inspirational books that he wrote. He led tours to Israel and to Europe. He was always a guy that was accomplishing things and he was driven. But he was also a very good father and husband and just a dedicated Christian and loved working with other folks like you, Tony, to help get Christians motivated and involved."

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