Liberal Judges Sacrifice Women's Safety to Abortion Agenda

Liberal Judges Sacrifice Women's Safety to Abortion Agenda

Earlier this week, in a transparent act of judicial slight-of-hand, two judges on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled a pro-life bill in Mississippi unconstitutional. They enjoined the law not because of what it says -- it merely brings abortion regulations back in line with state standards for ambulatory surgical centers -- but because holding abortionists to standard medical standards would shut down the last abortion facility in the state. In other words, two unelected justices decided that keeping abortionists in business is more important than the safety of women. Even more amazing is that the same Circuit ruled in favor of a very similar law in Texas.

At issue in Mississippi is a 2012 law removing a special exemption for abortionists from the state's requirement that all doctors at ambulatory surgical centers -- medical clinics, dental offices, etc. -- maintain admitting privileges at a local hospital. Thirteen other states already require abortionists to have either admittance privileges or some other agreement with a local hospital. This common-sense requirement ensures that out-of-state abortionists cannot come into the state, perform a rapid series of abortions, and move on to another state . A traveling abortionist leaves women at greater risk for life-threatening medical complications requiring them to seek emergency care. Sometimes these women have had little or no help in the hand-off to hospital physicians.

Mississippi's last remaining abortion clinic sued to have the law enjoined because no local hospital would give admittance privileges to two of their abortionists. Private hospitals can deny physicians admittance privileges for a variety of reasons -- type and volume of practice, medical malpractice history, etc. -- but five of the seven hospitals cited abortion as one of the reasons. On Tuesday, two justices on the 5th Circuit put the abortion agenda ahead of women's safety and ruled that the law cannot be enforced because it would shut down Mississippi's last abortion facility.

This is a dangerous and novel attempt to rewrite judicial precedence to require at least one abortion facility in a state. What if that abortionist is like the "house of horrors" revealed two years ago at abortionist Gosnell's Philadelphia clinic? We sure hope other states continue to pass these regulations and that any similar laws will be upheld for what they are, common sense regulations aimed to help women.

Melting the National Guard's Phones

On Tuesday, we told you about the National Guard canceling plans to visit the Vacation Bible School of Bible Baptist Church in Carthage, Missouri. The National Guard blamed federal policy and told the pastor that "if the National Guard had assets on church property it would look like the National Guard is sponsoring the Baptist religion." We asked you to call the National Guard Bureau on behalf of our troops and these kids and respectfully voice your objection to this act of discrimination. You responded in an overwhelming way! Many of you called our offices to say you had trouble getting through the main phone line. General Frank Grass, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, still needs to hear from you! An alternative phone number to reach the General is 703-614-3087. You can also drop an email to which can be addressed to General Frank Grass. Thank you for standing up for these kids and for the right of our troops to exercise the very freedoms that they fight to defend!

Panelists Dissect Uncommon Dilemma of Common Core

Through Common Core, the Federal Government and wealthy liberals have sought to control one of America's most precious institutions. According to a panel of experts in the education field, Common Core involved bribing states with Federal dollars, a flawed approval process, and poor standards for English and mathematics.

These issues were tackled head-on at a panel on Common Core held yesterday at FRC headquarters.. Will Estrada discussed the grassroots fight against the Core and the diligence needed to maintain academic freedom. Emmett McGroarty discussed the data gathering elements in the Core which threaten our children's privacy. Dr. Sandra Stotsky, professor emeritus of the University of Arkansas, and former member of the Common Core validation committee discussed both the academic inadequacies of the standards, and options for better standard development. The Common Core is not just another education program; it is an attack on educational freedom and is seeing stiff resistance around the country from moms and dads who say that they, not the government, can best decide what is best for their children. Watch this special presentation free at our website.

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The Climb for Values Starts at the Summit

The American experiment wasn't enacted by citizens sitting idly by. If, after all, we the people are the government, then participation is paramount. In a society that's increasingly virtual, it's good sometimes to experience the energy of people who share your concerns about America. From September 26-28, values voters like you will converge upon our nation's capitol to be educated, motivated, and inspired to bring the issues we care about to the forefront of national conversation.

Please join us in Washington, D.C. at FRC Action's Values Voter Summit to hear confirmed speakers like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), U.S. Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) former Sen. Rick Santorum, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Todd Starnes, Erick Erickson, Craig James, Ryan Bomberger, and Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar. Invited speakers include Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Dr. Bill Bennett, Dr. Ben Carson, Sean Hannity, Kirk Cameron, and many more. Registration is only $99, so don't miss your chance to participate in the American experiment with people who share your vision of the American dream!

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