Equip your parents and educators to keep faith in public schools

Equip your parents and educators to keep faith in public schools

February 18, 2014

Here's a 3-minute video you've got to watch. But, first let me give you the context. If your church is like most, 75-85% of the children in your church attend public schools (90% of the general population). Even if you have a Christian school attached to your church, probably 50% or more of your congregation still sends their children to public schools.

Public schools -- even in "Bible Belt" communities -- tend to train students in a secular worldview. For the most part, God is absent from the instruction. Since teachers are misinformed about the so-called "separation of Church and State," most are afraid to mention the Bible or Christianity in their classrooms, even though they provide the foundation for American society.

For instance, you might have heard of the recent case in Tennessee. An elementary school teacher told her class to write about someone they idolized. Ten-year-old Erin Shead decided to write about God. "I look up to God," she wrote. "He will always be the #1 person I look up to. I love him and Jesus. Jesus is His earthly son." But Erin's teacher told her that she could not write about God -- and that her paper could not remain on school property. The teacher was wrong and her error was corrected after the incident received national attention.

Here's the good news: You can make sure this type of misinformed education doesn't take place in your schools. This will benefit your congregation -- whose children attend those schools -- as well as the children and educators throughout your community.

I am pleased to recommend to you Gateways to Better Education, a ministry whose mission is "to create a better future for our children by keeping God in our schools." They work closely with Alliance Defending Freedom and the Colson Center. They've been featured by Focus on the Family numerous times and now they are a strategic ally of Family Research Council.

Gateways offers churches two powerful seminars designed to equip Christian parents and educators who are in your public schools. For parents, Gateways offers Keeping Their Faith in Public Schools. It shows parents how to help their children go through the public schools with their faith and values intact. For educators, Gateways offers Faith, Freedom & Public Schools. It shows teachers and school administrators how to teach about the Bible and Christianity without mixing Church and State.

After attending the seminars:

  • Educators will know practical ways to teach about the Bible and Christianity across the curriculum in ways that are academically sound and legally permissible.
  • Parents and Grandparents will know how to be a Godly influence in their schools in a Christ-like manner and how to help their children and grandchildren be discerning about what they learn in class.
  • Students will know their freedom of religious expression and be more confident to live their Christian lives at schools

Now, watch the 3-minute video to hear how educators and their students have been impacted.

I urge you to bring Gateways' life-changing seminars to your community. Contact them directly at (800) 929-1163 or email: Kim@gtbe.org. For more information, CLICK HERE.