Join Us for Call 2 Fall

Join Us for Call 2 Fall

June 07, 2013

I'm writing to request a very special favor.

Will you help Tony Perkins and FRC radically expand participation in Call2Fall this year? There are just three Sundays before the 5th annual observance on Sunday, June 30th. We have only one way to get the word out beyond these emails and that is by you sharing the message with your fellow pastors.

God gave Tony vision for Call2Fall in 2009 through a unique set of circumstances (read his story here). As students of Scripture, you know that the kind of healing God promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14 is desperately needed for America.

Temporal judgments such as tornadoes, fires, drought, and floods ravage the land. Too many of our leaders seem shockingly incapable of dealing with threats to our security at home and abroad. Corruption plagues our federal agencies and too many of their policies do more harm to America, than good! We have gone across the line. Only God can save us now. Only sweeping, God-sent spiritual revival will turn the tide in America.

Tony knew that a couple political tweaks here or there would not heal the spiritual disease in our families and moral decay in our national institutions. He believes that God's pastors must lead the way! And we must begin by leading God's people in humble prayer, repentance and seeking God's face - on our knees - in our churches. This is not some gimmick. It is what God calls us to do (2 Chr 7:14; Ps 95:6 ff; Joel 1:14; 2:12-18; Mt 21:13; Phil 2:10-11).

And it is appropriate for us to do it on the Sunday before the Fourth of July, before Americans break out fireworks and picnic gear to celebrate our nation's birthday. Far too many have forgotten we owe our nation's existence to Almighty God.

FRC has no advertising or PR budget for this movement. The Call2Fall story has been spread by word-of-mouth; participating pastors, a few celebrity friends who share our heart, but mostly by everyday believers who have told their friends about it by email, Facebook, and Twitter. A growing number of Christians believe that if God does not graciously move upon America, our very survival as a nation is in question.

We need your help to:

1) host Call2Fall in your church;

2) ask your congregation to prepare, plan for, participate in and tell friends about Call2Fall;

3) tell your pastor friends about Call2Fall and urging themto participate,

4) use your church web page, other web influence and social media to broadcast the June 30th Call2Fall!

One final request. You have likely written sermon, blogs, and articles convertible to blogs, on themes pertinent to Call2Fall: repentance, prayer, solemn assembly, days of prayer, fasting, praying men and women, prayer movements, revivals, awakenings, extraordinary moves of God, incidents from America's spiritual history, etc. Would you convert one or more for our blog? Aim for one page; open with a scripture and close with a brief prayer. While I reserve the right to edit, we'll publish as many as we can.

Our hope is to see another 1.5 million pastors and people join the movement this month.

Will you help us? Many, many thanks!