Veterans Day: FREE Resources for this Sunday

Veterans Day: FREE Resources for this Sunday

November 05, 2013

This coming Monday, November 11, is Veterans Day. We can never repay the soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and Coast Guardsmen who have risked their lives for our liberty. But they do need our help. The religious freedom of the members of our Armed Forces and our military's spiritual heritage are under unthinkable assault.

Have you read about the anti-evangelical training at Camp Shelby or Ft. Hood? There and elsewhere our troops have been told the "greatest threats facing the country... come from evangelical Christians [and] the tea party." They have been told that if they support pro-faith, pro-family ministries like FRC and AFA that they could be punished. These are not isolated instances. They have been traced to the text of training manuals and PowerPoints. Please read the evidence in FRC's downloadable brochure, Clear and Present Danger.

What can we do to help? Visit our site to find resources to help your church engage. You can download Church Bulletin inserts here to use in this Sunday's worship service. Simply click to download, print, cut down the middle and distribute in your Worship Folder or in high traffic areas. We have also produced a short video that you can show to your church this Sunday. Download the VIDEO here!

From the very beginning, our military enjoyed a faith-friendly environment. General George Washington insisted that his troops show reverence for God. He commanded his officers to set an example by regular attendance to "divine services." He called upon Congress to provide chaplains for the regular spiritual support of his men. In his General Orders, Washington declared: "To the distinguished Character of Patriot, it should be our highest Glory to add the more distinguished Character of Christian." God blessed their faith and enabled our military to win and protect our freedoms for generations.

Yet the Obama Administration has pressured each military branch to impose a sexual, secular, even anti-religious culture among the troops. Senior officers have given unprecedented access and cooperation to flagrantly anti-Christian civilian groups. This shift away from policy that encouraged free religious expression to one that punishes it calls for emergency action from our pastors and churches.

Tony Perkins (Marine), Lt. General Jerry Boykin (Ret.-Army), and Family Research Council are asking pastors to honor our Veterans next week by enlisting God's people to engage in the spiritual fight to end the stifling of their religious liberty! Encourage your people to:

1) Honor and pray for service members this Sunday, especially in light of those who are being discriminated against for living out their faith.

2) Contact Congress and urge them to support existing amendments to the FY 2014 National Defense Authorization Act that buttress conscience and religious liberty protections for our men and women in uniform. (Capitol Switchboard: 202- 224-3121. Or visit and click on Contact Officials.)

3) Spread the word about, which provides an anonymous, confidential form for service members seeking to report religious liberty violations and to obtain legal advice.

If America's pastors sound the alarm about what is happening to our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces, this once unimaginable behavior, fueled by political appointees and radical secular activists, can be stopped. Now is the time for God's people both to pray and take action!