Owen Strachan, Katharine Gorka, Ken Blackwell

Tony Perkins

March 10, 2015

On Tuesday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” FRC experts, Peter Sprigg and Chris Gacek guest host for Tony. Assistant Professor of Christian Theology and Church History at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky, Owen Strachan, joins our hosts to discuss his latest piece regarding the Church’s stance on marriage and how collectively, we aren’t backing down.  President of the Council on Global Security, Katharine Gorka, is here to highlight the work her organization is doing and spotlight the persecution of Christians in Syria.  Also, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment and former Secretary of State of Ohio, Ken Blackwell, is here to discuss the positive response from the Oklahoma University community in fighting racism on campus. Ken will also talk about Hillary Clinton’s press conference this afternoon where she tried to explain exactly what took place regarding all her missing emails.

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