Ronnie Floyd, Dan Coats, Mike Lee

Tony Perkins

May 21, 2015

On Thursday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, joins Tony to discuss FRC’s annual Watchmen on the Wall event taking place this week in Washington. Pastors from across the country are here to be equipped to take on the culture of immorality. Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) is here with the latest ruling coming from the U.S.  Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit requiring the University of Notre Dame to comply with the Obama Administration’s HHS mandate, which would force the university to act against their moral beliefs. Also, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), joins Tony to discuss his work to protect marriage and religious freedom in America. Senator Lee is one of the members of Congress leading the charge on both of these important issues.

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