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As a faithful supporter of FRC Action, you know that the American family is under a full frontal attack by those who are intent on pushing their radical agenda on all of America -- especially on our children and grandchildren.

Sometimes the radical Left is subtle with their agenda, other times they're open with their hostility to the family. Here's just one example.

Last week, South Dakota State Representative Erin Healy took to Twitter to attack the natural family after legislation rewriting the state's marriage law to erase references to male and female failed.. She stated that believing in the natural family is "un-American."

It's incredible that a sitting legislator would attack the support of homes with a married mom and dad as "un-American." And this is just one example of the ways that children and the family are being undermined. We need your help to stand up for them.

FRC Action has been working in states across the country to protect minors from irreversible gender transition treatments that will sterilize them and permanently mutilate their bodies. Thankfully, the South Dakota legislature passed one of those measures, SB 1080, the Help Not Harm bill. The South Dakota bill protecting minors would also allow those who received the treatment and later regretted it to go back and sue for damages. Additionally, doctors who perform gender transition surgeries could lose their medical license.

We need to see more states follow the lead of South Dakota, but we need your help to fund efforts to support the states that are doing this.

In 2021, FRC Action worked with Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R-Ark.) to pass the nation's first ever Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act, even overriding Republican Governor Asa Hutchison's veto. This important bill sought to protect children from the danger of gender transition treatments. Although it's currently tied up in federal court, we can't help but think our efforts helped lay the groundwork for the passage of similar legislation in other states like South Dakota.

As the nation becomes more aware of the mental and physical harms of gender transition procedures, other state legislatures are beginning to follow Arkansas' and South Dakota's lead. Similar bills are currently being considered in Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia. FRC's Dr. Jennifer Bauwens has testified in favor of the bills in Montana and Nebraska.

We need your help to encourage other states to protect children from gender transition experiments as well.

Our opposition is well-connected and well-funded. This, unfortunately, means that even in conservative states, such as South Dakota, it has been difficult to pass bills like this that protect the family.

However, the truth is on our side. Studies show that children do best in a family with their biological mom and dad, and that the majority of children who are confused about their biological sex will eventually outgrow those feelings. Our job is to defend the truth about marriage, family, and the sexes.

Sadly, the Left has shown it will go to any length to pursue their radical anti-family agenda, regardless of who is harmed in the process. We must stop them from changing the definition of marriage, and pressuring innocent children into making decisions they will regret for the rest of their lives.

God created each of us in His image as male or female, and He intends us to form families and live happily in His good design. It's up to us to pass that message down to our children.

Please prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you give as we work to protect children across the nation from the radical Left's transgender agenda.

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