Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Jack Graham, Bill Simon

Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Jack Graham, Bill Simon

Tony Perkins

June 30, 2016

On Thursday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” former president of the Southern Baptist Convention and Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Arkansas, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, guest hosts for Tony. Renowned neurosurgeon and former GOP presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, joins our guest host to discuss several high profile news items this week—specifically the high court striking down HB2 in Texas. Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dr. Jack Graham, is here with his analysis of the spiritual state of America and how important it is for Christians to be involved in the political process. Also, former Secretary of the Department of Management Services, appointed by Governor Jeb Bush, Bill Simon, joins Dr. Floyd with his U.S. economic outlook and the important role the 2016 presidential election will play in the effort to reboot our economy.

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