Ken Blackwell, David Closson, Lindsey Burke

Ken Blackwell
David Closson
Lindsey Burke

July 21, 2020

Today's show features:

  • Ken Blackwell, FRC's Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance, on violence escalating in major cities as mayors avoid responsibility.
  • David Closson, FRC's Director of Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview, on how Joe Biden's worldview compares with a biblical worldview, and also on a new Pew Research survey showing how people view the connection between a belief in God and morality.
  • Lindsey Burke, Director for the Center for Education Policy and Will Skillman Fellow in Education Policy at the Heritage Foundation, on how 'Pandemic Pods' are fundamentally reshaping K-12 education.

Episode Resources:

  • Watch Tony's encouragement to Christians to have the courage to face the cancel culture and proclaim the gospel truth.
  • Read about gender and sexuality issues in the November 2020 election.
  • Check out FRC Action's party platform comparison.
  • Review and share the Trump administration accomplishments on life, family, and religious freedom.
  • Explore FRC's publication: "Biblical Principles for Biblical Engagement: Worldview, Issues, and Voting."
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Family Research Council · Ken Blackwell calls out local leaders who are letting chaos continue for purely political purposes

Family Research Council · David Closson says Joe Biden's evangelical outreach won't matter if there's no record to back it up

Family Research Council · Lindsey Burke talks about the explosion of Pandemic Pods, a neighborhood homeschooling solution