Doug LaMalfa, Ken Cuccinelli, Jennie Lichter, Josh Hawley

Doug LaMalfa
Ken Cuccinelli
Jennie Lichter
Josh Hawley

September 16, 2020

Today's show features:

  • Doug LaMalfa, U.S. Representative for the 1st district of California, on his call for California Governor Newsom to stop peddling a climate change agenda and to start providing real solutions.
  • Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, on the Department of Homeland Security cracking down on goods produced by China’s state-sponsored forced labor.
  • Jennie Lichter, Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy at the White House, on the expansion of the pro-life Mexico City Policy, and on President Trump’s order eliminating critical race theory training sessions in federal agencies.
  • Josh Hawley, U.S. Senator from Missouri, on why critical race theory training sessions have no place in federally funded facilities.

Episode Resources:

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  • Learn more about China's Uyghur concentration camps and use of forced labor.
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