Disinformation Nation: Biden to Launch New Censorship Board

Disinformation Nation: Biden to Launch New Censorship Board

April 28, 2022

There's virtual anarchy on our southern border -- costing U.S. servicemen their lives -- and what is Homeland Security's priority? Policing free speech. In news almost too impossible to believe, the man presiding over the collapse of our immigration system, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, testified Wednesday that while millions of illegals stream into our country, destroying property and preying on local communities, his focus will be "countering misinformation" before the midterm elections. "The goal is to bring the resources of (DHS) together to address this threat," Mayorkas said. What threat? The biggest one to the Left's control: the truth.

Days after Elon Musk bought Twitter, vowing to turn it into the First Amendment platform it was meant to be, Democrats are frantically trying to relocate their censorship operation to Washington, where they can keep their information blackout alive. Without Twitter to silence uncomfortable facts for the Left, the president thinks he can use the full force of government to maintain his party's chokehold on speech -- and make the taxpayers he's silencing pay for it!

Reaction poured in from all sides, but especially conservatives, who've dubbed Biden's Disinformation Governance Board a real-world "ministry of truth." One of the loudest critics, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), couldn't believe that Democrats would actually weaponize DHS against open debate, calling on the president to dissolve the board immediately. "The administration that activated the FBI against parents at school board meetings has now created a government Disinformation Board to monitor all Americans' speech. It's a disgrace."

Other Republicans can't help but note the timing of the announcement. "The libs spent the last weeks planting the seeds for the back-up plan in case the Twitter deal actually happened," Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) tweeted. "Today's news of a Biden backed 'Disinformation Governance Board' is dystopian. They can't afford to let the truth be anything but what they say." Obviously, Elon Musk threatened their control over the narrative, other Republicans fumed, so the administration panicked. Adding to the GOP's fury, the president's new "anti-speech czar," radical Nina Jankowicz says she "shudders" at the thought of Musk controlling anything on social media.

Musk, who spent $44 billion dollars to wrestle Twitter out of the hands of the woke thought police, has vowed to make the platform a true free-for-all again, opening the door to real conversations on COVID, abortion, education, transgenderism, election reform, and so many other topics that were routinely blacklisted because they hurt the Democrats' cause.

Apparently, Mayorkas doesn't care about helping his own cause at DHS, which is suffering mightily in the steady stream of horror reports from the U.S.-Mexican lines. Kidnapping, extortion, sex trafficking, drug abuse, gang violence, looting, crime -- it's all skyrocketing as more than a million illegals disappear into American neighborhoods under this president. According to estimates, the taxpayer burden of caring, feeding, schooling, sheltering, and incarcerating these migrants is up to $143.1 billion dollars a year. That's what Mayorkas calls "effectively managing" the border crisis?

And yet, while the border burns, Biden will fiddle -- inventing new reasons to seize control of Americans' fundamental rights. Because, as his party knows, any battle of ideas they fight fairly will lose. The Left's ideas are so outrageous, so unscientific, so contradictory to the country's values that the only real chance they have is shoving people who might refute and expose them out of the virtual public square. What else explains why murderous tyrants still have platforms, but a congresswoman who says men aren't girls is banned? If Twitter can ban Donald Trump, liberal Slate wondered, shouldn't the world's dictators be next? "If Trump's behavior on Twitter was grounds for a permanent ban, why are officials from autocratic governments allowed to continue using the site to spread propaganda, justify repressive violence, and promote conspiracy theories?"

Simple: because they don't pose a legitimate threat to the Left's power. Conservatives, who are eating into the Democrats' core constituencies, do. The Left's decision to force their woke madness on education, sports, gender, corporate America, and so much more has the party hemorrhaging support from parents and other demographics they used to take for granted. That's why this new board is focused on groups like "Hispanic communities," where -- not-so-coincidentally -- Biden is at record disapproval (26 percent). Information control is their only hope for salvaging 2022, 2024, and beyond.

While the Left's censorship can hide the facts from Americans, no amount of censorship can stop them from feeling the failures of the Biden administration's policies. Against the pain at the pump and the grocery, even the Disinformation Governance Board is powerless.

Tony Perkins's Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

Senate GOP: Southern Poverty Lawyer a Poor Choice for Judge

April 28, 2022

Nancy Abudu isn't a household name, but her employer -- an anti-Christian group called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) -- certainly should be. The "civil rights" organization, whose fall from grace rocked the Leftist establishment a handful of years ago, turned out to be a hive of racist scam artists that exploited its donors and sexually harassed employees. Turns out, the so-called hate watcher was the biggest hater of them all. And now, thanks to Joe Biden, one of their top attorneys is on the verge of becoming a judge on one of the most important courts in the country.

A trip to the Senate Judiciary Committee was never going to be a pleasant experience for an extremist like Abudu. After years of working for organizations with a history of targeting conservatives, Abudu knew she would have to answer a lot of hard questions. And the Senate's GOP didn't disappoint. In one heated exchange after another, conservatives put her on the hot seat for everything from the SPLC's listing of Family Research Council as a "hate group" to her jobs at the who's who of radicalism.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was one of the most vocal, drilling Abudu on her record, highlighting her time at the SPLC and ACLU. "You've never served as a judge. You've spent your entire life as an advocate. And as an advocate on the extreme Left. There has been a pattern of nominee after nominee that had been extreme zealots. But I have to say, your nomination, when I look at your record, I find deeply concerning. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hateful and extreme place. And their hate, among other things, has led to horrific violence."

Cruz brought up the 2012 shooting at FRC, where gunman Floyd Corkins brought enough ammunition to kill everyone in the building. Only by the heroic actions of Leo Johnson was a mass shooting completely averted. And how did Corkins know to target FRC? By his own admission, Cruz pointed out, the SPLC's "hate map," "where the Southern Poverty Law Center equated the Family Research Council with true bigoted hate groups like the KKK and the Nazi Party." "Do you agree with your employer," Cruz pressed, "that the Family Research Council is equivalent to the KKK or the Nazi Party?"

She dodged, noting that most of her career has been spent as a "civil rights lawyer." Cruz stopped her. "Could you please answer the question?" Abudu replied, "I can't comment to that. I'm in the legal department." Cruz wasn't deterred. "I'm asking if you agree with them. You work for them..." She parried again, until the senator said, "You're going to refuse to answer that?" No, Abudu insisted. "I cannot speak to a statement where I played no role in the research or the writing." "I didn't ask you if you did it. You went to work with them. Do you agree with them?"

Five times he asked Abudu to say whether she thinks Christian organizations with a biblical worldview are "hate groups." Five times she refused. And that ought to tell American voters everything they need to know.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) who might have been the most candid, admitting openly during his time, "I can't believe you've been nominated for this position. I can't believe that the President of the United States would nominate someone from this organization with this record. And I can't believe that you would sit here today and refuse to condemn this hateful, frankly, violent rhetoric from this organization with this record. It's astounding to me."

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), who -- like Cruz and Hawley -- was also listed as an extremist by SPLC, was horrified by Abudu's refusal to distance herself from SPLC's labeling. "Can you explain why the three of us ended up on your hate list?" Blackburn asked. She said she couldn't.

When it was Senator Chuck Grassley's (R-Iowa) turn, he took issue to Abudu's feigned ignorance over the SPLC's hate list and the views of the organizations listed. Later, Grassley joined "Washington Watch" in absolute disbelief. "Can you believe that she would say that -- that she doesn't know anything about this? ...If you're just reading regular newspapers or commentaries about politics in Washington, D.C... you would know that these organizations have been listed in a very negative way by the center that you work for..." Like a lot of the Republicans in the room, Grassley agreed, "I would find it hard to believe that she would not be familiar with their list ranking all of these conservative groups as hate groups. I would have to question her credibility if she's not aware of a major portion of what that organization does."

But, as he pointed out, what's more concerning is her judicial views. "Everything with her background -- the ACLU, the Center she works for now," all fall in the category of political activist, Grassley said. "They believe in big government. They believe that you and I don't know anything, and Washington has all the answers to everything. And Congress is not a democratic organization... And remember, 99.9 percent of all the cases are finally decided by circuits. And she's going to be on the 11th Circuit. So she's kind of a Supreme Court, except for about 70 or 80 cases out of the year."

These are the kinds of extremists that Biden has leaned on to fill every political and judicial post. It's the complete opposite of Donald Trump, who was intent -- not on filling racial and gender quotas -- but finding the most experienced, respectable originalist candidate. If voters want a stark contrast between the parties, you won't find a bigger one than the ideological approaches of the two parties on the courts.

This nomination, though, sets the Democrats truly apart. Nancy Abudu would be extremely dangerous to Christians and constitutional values on one of the nation's highest courts. Her role at a disgraced organization like SPLC ought to automatically disqualify her from any job in government. If you agree, join FRC Action in stopping her nomination. Send a message to your senators urging them to vote no on Nancy Abudu

Depressed Teens, Unsuppressed Phone Addiction

April 28, 2022

New CDC data on American high schoolers' mental health "echo a cry for help," said Debra Houry, Acting Principal Deputy Director. More than a third reported "poor mental health," 44 percent felt "sad or hopeless," and around one in ten attempted suicide. "It's a mental health crisis," said Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, Director of the Center for Family Studies at Family Research Council.

The crisis predated COVID, but the lockdowns certainly intensified it. Bauwens explained that "attachment security" scores have been gradually decreasing since the 1990s. She noticed the impact while teaching graduate students; upon comparing notes with another teacher, they both noticed students were less mature and slower to attain development milestones -- into their twenties. This presents a huge problem. "We have a generation that doesn't have a connection to other human beings," warned Bauwens, which "makes them very emotionally fragile, and susceptible to all kinds of mental health issues. There's no sense of identity." The CDC reported that students who reported feeling connected to adults or peers had a third to a half fewer mental health issues.

Part of the problem is social media overuse. Teens can obtain "immediate likes" without "the broader context of an in-person relationship that gives you feedback over time," Bauwens explained. This gives them the expectation that they "need to know what someone's thinking right away. That's almost like tapping the addiction system in our brain. That dopamine is just flowing, and [they] become addicted... instead of having a real, one-on-one intimacy with humans." To get their latest hit, teens are turning to phones more frequently. From 2009 to 2019, teen abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs maintained a downward trend, while those who spend over three hours of screen time daily (outside of school work) doubled from just over 20 percent to nearly half.

"They're living... in a make-believe world," summarized FRC President Tony Perkins. Young people are consuming so much virtual media on a screen that "they're identifying with fictional characters."

Our society has cruelly burdened teens with the impossible task of self-identification, while depriving of them of the tools to cope. "You can be whatever you want" is not only deceptive but destructive. How is a 15-year-old supposed to autonomously choose his own identity? He doesn't know anything about the world; he has no reference point from which to make a prudent decision. As likely as not, he will assume that "normal" equals "boring" and destroy his future before it ever begins.

However, God has not required teens to determine their identity in a vacuum. He placed them in families with (hopefully) wise parents. He established his church as a family for those who lack one. These safe spaces empower teens to discover their unique gifts without abandoning interpersonal relational roles that fill life with meaning, purpose, and joy. "Christianity answers the big questions in life," Perkins said. "Who am I? You know, why am I here? What's my purpose? Where am I going?"

To protect their teens from identity anarchy, parents should "teach them how to connect with our Heavenly Father," Bauwens said. Parents should also warn their children about the dangers of social media, "for in vain is a net spread in the sight of any bird" (Proverbs 1:17). Parents can also watch for telltale signs of depression, such as mood changes and how well they relate to others. Most importantly, Perkins added, "parents need to take that responsibility to disciple and to train their children and expose them to the truth of God's word."

The world may be anxious and fearful, but Bauwens believes "this is our finest hour." People are most receptive during disasters, she explained, and that certainly describes the current moment. Christians understand that chasing after personal fulfillment cannot satisfy because we were created to worship God, not ourselves. We understand that the world is full of evil because all people have sinned and rejected God. We understand mankind's natural condition apart from Christ really is hopeless. But we also know God sent his Son to suffer as a man, to atone for our sins by dying on the cross, and to rise from the dead so that all who believe in him might have "a living hope" of "an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you" (1 Peter 1:3-4). This good news we are called to bring to everyone.