Chris Mitchell, Don Bacon, Reggie Stoltzfus, Travis Weber, Trent Franks

Chris Mitchell
Don Bacon
Reggie Stoltzfus
Travis Weber
Trent Franks

March 8, 2022

On today's show:

  • Chris Mitchell, Middle East Bureau Chief for CBN News and host of “Jerusalem Dateline,” shares the latest on Ukraine and Russia, the U.S./Iran nuclear deal talks, and the Israel Prime Minister’s meeting with Putin.
  • Don Bacon, U.S. Representative for the 2nd District of Nebraska, discusses how the Biden administration has handled foreign policy including Ukraine/Russia and a potential U.S./Iran nuclear deal, the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee admitting the need to increase U.S. defense spending, and the possibility of a deal between the U.S. and Poland to get fighter jets to Ukraine.
  • Reggie Stoltzfus, Ohio State Representative, details a newly introduced resolution to hold Canada accountable for its religious persecution of pastors.
  • Travis Weber, FRC’s Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs, talks about Congressional Democrats’ efforts to use an omnibus spending bill to promote abortion and a transgender mandate.
  • Trent Franks, co-founder and chairman of Liberty Petroleum, discusses the obstacles to increased production that the U.S. oil & gas industry is facing.

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