Chuck Holton, Kerry Picket, John Daukas, Lindsey Smith, Sonja Shaw

Chuck Holton
Kerry Picket
John Daukas
Lindsey Smith
Sonja Shaw

October 20, 2023

On today’s program:

  • Chuck Holton, freelance war correspondent, reports from Israel as the ground invasion of Gaza remains imminent.
  • Kerry Picket, Senior Congressional Reporter for the Washington Times, provides an update on the House speaker race.
  • John Daukas, former U.S. Department of Justice’s Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, sheds light on a social media influencer sentenced to federal prison for posting a joke online.
  • Lindsey Smith, chapter chair of Montgomery County, Maryland’s Moms for Liberty, discusses her testimony before Congress on parental rights and offers advice for moms and dads looking to opt their children out of inappropriate teaching and indoctrination at school.
  • Sonja Shaw, Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education President, responds to a judge’s injunction on the Chino Valley United School District’s parental rights policy.

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