Gordon Chang, Dr. Andrew Bostom, Paul Coleman, David Closson

Gordon Chang
Andrew Bostom
Paul Coleman
David Closson

August 30, 2023

On today's program: 

  • Gordon Chang, author of The Great U.S.-China Tech War, offers his analysis on Biden administration officials’ recent trip to Beijing and the administration’s decision to remove 27 companies from the U.S. government’s blacklist.
  • Dr. Andrew Bostom, epidemiologist, corrects the record on President Biden’s assertion that another COVID vaccine is needed.
  • Paul Coleman, Alliance Defending Freedom International Executive Director, gives an update on his client and Finnish member of parliament, Paivi Rasanen, who will be back in court over charges that she quoted the Bible.
  • David Closson, Director of FRC’s Center for Biblical Worldview, reveals what a recent FRC-commissioned poll found about what churchgoers believe about transgenderism and religious liberty.

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