Kevin Hern, Brent Keilen, Kevin Stitt, Riley Gaines

Kevin Hern
Brent Keilen
Kevin Stitt
Riley Gaines

August 9, 2023

On today’s program:

  • Kevin Hern, U.S. Representative for the 1st District of Oklahoma, reacts to President Biden’s comments on a “climate change emergency,” and the Congressional Budget Office’s revisions to the federal deficit projection to $1.7 trillion this year. He also spotlights the Republican Study Committee’s public health funding priorities.
  • Brent Keilen, Vice President of FRC Action, analyzes the Ohio Issue 1 election results and previews the state’s November referendum on abortion and parental rights as well as similar referendums in other states.
  • Kevin Stitt, Governor of Oklahoma, unpacks his decision to deploy the Oklahoma National Guard to the southern border and highlights his executive order on biological sex.
  • Riley Gaines, Independent Women's Voice Advisor, shares her NCAA swim team’s story and what drew her into the effort to save women’s sports, recounts what she encountered when she attended the Save Women’s sports bill signing in Austin, and previews her address at the Pray Vote Stand Summit.

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