Mark Walters, Chris Farrell, Peter Sprigg, Dr. Ronnie Floyd

Tony Perkins

July 8, 2016

On Friday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” host of Janet Mefferd Today, Janet Mefferd, guest hosts for Tony. Host of Daily Defense with Mark Walters, Mark Walters, joins Janet with his analysis on the Dallas shooting that took the lives of 5 police officers. Director of Research and Investigations for Judicial Watch, Chris Farrell, is here to discuss how Judicial Watch plans to move forward in its ongoing probe into the alleged crimes of Hillary Clinton. FRC’s Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, Peter Sprigg, joins our guest host to break down the progressive agenda regarding sexuality that goes beyond U.S. borders. Also, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention and current Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Springdale Arkansas, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, is here to discuss racial reconciliation in America how the church can be out front in restoring unity.

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