Russ Jones, Rep. Doug Lamborn, Daniel Blomberg, Ken Blackwell

Tony Perkins

January 4, 2018

On Thursday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" Washington Watch producer, Russ Jones, guest hosts for Tony. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) joins Russ to highlight a letter he and 24 other House Republicans have signed in support of Colonel Leland Bohannon's religious liberty. Becket Fund counsel, Daniel Blomberg, is here to discuss FEMA's ban on churches and houses of worship from receiving federal disaster relief funds. Also, Ken Blackwell, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance, former Ohio Secretary of State, former member of President Trump's transition team and the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, joins Russ to share what headway was made for election integrity by the commission. 

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